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Program Descriptor
As new and unique business opportunities present themselves in
unfamiliar markets the need for businesses to send their assets
into such unfamiliar jurisdictions becomes ever more prevalent.
Companies that enter these markets do so at their own risk
mercial travelers entering into new markets carry physical,
elements of the business they represent such as documents and
data, and personally represent a great deal of intellectual capital.
These assets represent a significant investment in the business
and need safeguarding. The safeguarding of human and
intellectual capital is collective a responsibility of the business and
the individuals concerned. Both have a duty of care the company
to its people and the individual to his team of direct reports and
their loved ones.
With these critical issues in mind and the alarming increase of political unrest around the world recently, the need for
Situational awareness in a foreign environment is gre
greater than ever.
The Situational Awareness in Foreign Environments
nvironments ((SAFE)) workshop from Austability will offers valuable advice to
modern business travellers on the every--day
day challenges they face. The SAFE Workshop will also assist all individuals
that live and work in environments that is not the place they usually call home.
The workshop is structured around four key elements of travel situational awareness;
Understanding the threats Localising the threat Managing the threat Responding to the threat -
How to evaluate the threats to your business.
How to analyse the specific threat for each trip.
Minimise the chance and how to avoid becoming a victim.
How to respond to an incident and minimise the impact
Interactive discussion that addresses topics such as:
What is a hazardous environment or location?
What is a threat?
What is Personal Security & Safety?
What elements contribute to criminal acts
Participants should complete this course with a basic understanding of how to:
Identify and explain ‘Situational Awareness’
Avoid becoming a victim utilizing sel
Apply the ‘H.O.T. or Not’ principles when dealing with suspicious packages
Assist security personnel in extreme environments.
Respond to an incident should it occur
After completing this course,
se, students should be able to:
Prepare an individual trip threat assessment.
Identify ideal support structures for each trip.
Employ better situational awareness during commercial travelling
Reduce the risk to themselves and their business
Apply the Do's & Don’ts in unfamiliar enviro
Travel Safe, Return Home Safe and Live Safe
This workshop will be of benefit to anyone who is visiting a potential foreign hostile environment/country
such as:
Middle East, including Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan –
North Africa including Egypt, Libya, Sudan and
Central and South America including Mexico.
Every mind equipped with the wisdom and
dexterity for independent change, so every
voice can be expressed at liberty.
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