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PDF 18 May - St Augustine`s College
Term 2
Volume 14
18 May 2016
College Newsletter
from the Acting Principal...
Trinity Sunday
This Sunday is Trinity Sunday, which is also known as Holy Trinity Sunday and is celebrated a week after
Pentecost Sunday in honour of the most fundamental of Christian beliefs – belief in the Holy Trinity.
While we can never fully understand the mystery of the Trinity, as Catholics we believe in the following
formula: God is three Persons in one Nature. The three Persons of God – Father, Son , and Holy Spirit –
are all equally God, and they cannot be divided.
St Rita of Cascia OSA
May 22 is the Feast of St Rita of Cascia, Patron Saint of the Impossible. At an early age she wanted to
become a nun. Her parents, however, insisted that she marry. So, at the age of 14, she married Paolo
Mancini, and they had twin sons. After 18 years of marriage her husband was murdered, and her sons
died of natural causes the following year. Rita turned her thoughts to joining the Augustinian nuns.
She prayed and worked to establish peace between the hostile factions of Cascia. Finally she was
accepted into the convent. She remained in the cloister during the final 40 years of her life. During the
last four years of her life, Rita was seriously ill. She died on 22 May, 1457 and her feast is observed on
the anniversary of her death.
Community Mass of St Monica
It was a great privilege to welcome Kim and Jac Hasler to our Wednesday morning Eucharist celebration in memory of Danny
Hasler’s 3rd anniversary of his death. Danny was a much loved teacher at the College who left his mark on the world, made it a
better place by his presence, and was blessed with wonderful friendships.
The occasion also provided the opportunity to celebrate Br Saldie Resolado OSA, Br Nguyen Ngoc Hai Dang OSA, Fr Francis
Belcina OSA, and Br Percival Sevare OSA who will be making their Solemn Profession this weekend at the 9.30 am Mass at St
Kieran’s Church, Manly Vale.
Please keep the Hasler family and our Augustinian Brothers in your prayers.
In your prayers
It is with great sadness to inform you that staff member Jason Lussick’s wife, Cristy, died last Wednesday after suffering a long
illness. Please keep Jason and their children, Freddy (currently in Year 10), Joey (former student of the College), Darcy and Bonnie,
Cristy’s brothers, Ben and Larry Collier (‘Old Boys’ of the College), and Cristy’s nephew, Isaiah Lee (currently in Year 10), in your
The effects of listening to music when studying
Recently a senior student described to me the challenge he has experienced with his studies. He believed his brain had “become
soft, often with two hours passing without learning anything.” He claimed there was “no sharpness, no perception of all that
moved in paragraphs past his fixed gaze.” Frustratingly he, “knew the pen-marks, the grain and knots in his wooden desk at home
more than his textbooks, knowing all too well where years of idling pens and rulers had scarred his timber desk. It was useless.”
What a revelation; such insight! Fortunately, this young man has turned his studies around, hopefully not too late. He does
however, carry regret as he appreciates the wasted years that time and time again saw broken promises and failure to meet his
considerable potential. It took an honest reality check before he was able to seize control of his academic life.
Like many students, his studies were frequently distracted by social media and music. I have written on a number of occasions
about the distraction of social media; it is obvious to all. More interestingly, is the growing body of research demonstrating the
effects of music on academic performance as the results have shown ambiguous and contradicting evidence. However, with the
plethora of music genres available to music listeners, it is important to understand how different types of music and the volume
it is played, impacts on academic performance. The studies in this domain are more consistent, and are somewhat surprising.
Whilst listening to aggressive heavy rock, techno or rap music in itself is a major distraction, it is the familiarity of the music
that becomes the most contributing diversion. The research suggests that student’s favourite music can serve as a distracting
factor when engaged in a cognitively demanding task perhaps due to the fact that less cognitive resources are available when
attention is drawn to lyrics, emotions and memories that such music can evoke. Furthermore, the volume in which the music is
played is also a contributing factor to the distraction effect to studies.
In summary, playing music while undertaking cognitive demanding tasks is not necessarily a distractor to academic
performance. The presence of soft music compared to loud music is preferred, whilst playing music unfamiliar to the listener has
the least likely chance to distract.
A celebration of music
Last week, the College celebrated our annual
Music Festival. At lunch each day, ‘Rock in
the Quad’ performances were conducted
in varying musical categories with the
winner of each musical group performing
at the Showcase Concert. The Generations
Event on Friday night saw the return to the
College of many past students, now working
in the music industry, to celebrate 60 years
of music at the College. It was with a great
sense of pride to see the many young men
who have followed their passion for music
and are now successfully living the dream of
creating music as a career.
Students performing in ‘Rock in the Quad’
The celebrations reminded me of the gift that music brings into all of our lives. Saint Augustine knew this only too well and
reminded us that ‘he who sings prays twice’. One of my biggest regrets in life is that I did not learn to play a musical instrument
with any accomplishment. Whilst it is never too late to learn again, I have instead resigned myself to simply enjoying the
opportunity to listen to live music.
A strong music programme is vital in a boys’ school and it has been wonderful to witness St Augustine’s College music
programme go from strength to strength. The number of boys learning an instrument and participation in various band and
ensembles continues to grow while the quality of musicianship is to be admired.
We are very proud of our musicians and very thankful for the generosity and encouragement the boys receive from our very
talented music staff.
Congratulations to the following students who won the respective musical categories at the 2016 Showcase Concert:
Samuel Rimmer – Senior Bass
Sean Bryan – Senior Guitar
Benjamin Morgan – Senior Woodwind
Mitchell Seymour – Junior Bass
Jack Indersmith – Junior Guitar
Hayden Williams – Junior Voice
Joel Van Duyl – Junior Piano
George Barrett – Junior Drums
James Hocking – Junior Woodwind
Angus Marshall – Junior Bass
Jake Griffiths – Senior Drums
Thomas Lewis – Senior Bass
Jordan Banning – Senior Voice
Enrolments 2018
We are currently finalising our first round offer of enrolments for Years 5 and 7, 2018 and we have received several hundred
applications. Once again the demand for places has been far greater than places available. Further to our agreement with the
Bishop of the Diocese of Broken Bay and the Catholic Schools Office, we are limited to enrolling 75 boys into Year 5 of whom 50
will come from Catholic systemic schools and 25 boys from other schools.
The enrolment process is an extremely difficult one and sure to bring disappointment to some families. Due to the
overwhelming response from the Catholic community, we will be unable to meet the needs of many Catholic boys for Year 5,
2018; however, we hope to be able to offer the majority of these boys a place for Year 7, 2020.
In an Augustinian school, the key criteria for entry relate to a commitment to the teachings of the Church and demonstrated
membership of a parish community, along with the congruence of values between the family and the College.
As a Catholic Independent School, operating in the Diocese of Broken Bay, we will continue to work very closely with the
Catholic Schools Office.
AHISA Conference
The College recently hosted a conference for curriculum leaders from NSW Independent Schools’ on the theme ‘ChallengeInnovate-Learn.’ Over 80 senior leaders attended the conference consisting of some insightful reflections from Dr Briony Scott,
Principal of Wenona School and Phillip Heath, Head of Barker College. A number of workshops were conducted alongside
presentations from the Board of Studies and case studies from experiences schools have had in implementing STEM education.
Current parent, Andrew Daddo, gave an amusing address as a post dinner speaker sharing his own school memories and
his journey as a writer. Many of the delegates remarked on the beautiful nature of our boys and the generous welcome they
received from our community. I would like to thank John Laforest, Head of Academic Life, and his hard working committee who
hosted a very professional event.
The Augustinian – May / June 2016
Included in this edition of Tolle Lege is The Augustinian from the Order of St Augustine. Please take the time to read this
worthwhile publication.
Rest in Peace
Your prayers are requested for Thor Hermann who died recently. Thor was the grandfather of Year 11 student, James Hermann.
Your prayers are also requested for Graham Adams, father of past students, Matthew and Ben Adams.
Eternal rest, grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. May the Lord welcome
Thor and Graham into his kingdom of peace.
Reflection… Autumn
We give thanks for the harvest of the heart’s work;
Seeds of faith planted with faith;
Love nurtured by love;
Courage strengthened by courage.
We give thanks for the fruits of the struggling soul,
The bitter and the sweet;
For that which has grown in adversity
And for that which has flourished in warmth and grace;
For the radiance of the spirit in autumn,
And for that which must now fade and die.
We are blessed and give thanks.
Matthew Hutchison
Acting Principal
from the Acting Head of School...
Developing a Social
Years 9, 10 and 11 Mid-Course
Developing a social conscience in our youth is an important
element in character formation. It is important for our boys
to possess a sense of social justice and charity. Generally,
students who openly share their possessions and valued time
usually tend to be happier and have more friends.
During the next few weeks, students in Years 9, 10 and 11
will be undertaking their Mid-Course Examinations. Students
should be busily and strategically preparing for their
examinations and ensuring that they utilise the information
gained in their study skills seminars held this year.
Well known author, Michael Grose, highlights that helping
children develop a social conscience is very important. Below
are some of his ideas which are also inclusive of authors,
Robert Brooks and Sam Goldstein.
“Principal 1: Model generosity
If you ask your children about the charitable behaviours they
observed in you, how would they reply? It is sometimes difficult
to see yourself through the eyes of your children, but this is the
true test of character and individual self-worth.
Principle 2: Provide opportunities for children to
feel they are helping others
Helping others strengthens children’s self-esteem and instills
in them the belief that they can contribute to the well-being of
others. Brooks and Goldstein* advocate that children should
be given one activity at the age of three that becomes their
responsibility. This is the beginning of a child’s contribution to
the well-being of others.
Principle 3: Develop traditions to become a
charitable family
A charitable family develops a tradition of involving the entire
family in helping and bettering the lives of others. Such activities
indicate to children that they can do something to alleviate the
difficulties of others and promote a sense of connectedness to a
community that is larger than their family.
I would advise students to ensure they have all the necessary
equipment before commencing an examination and to make
sure it is in functioning order – new batteries in calculators,
pencils sharpened and new working pens.
I wish our students in Years 9, 10 and 11 all the best for these
Mid-Course Examinations.
As a reminder, please be aware that it is an expectation
that students wear the College blazer to and from school.
Additionally, only the College jumper is permitted to
be worn under the blazer on cooler days. If you need to
purchase uniform items, the Uniform Shop is open on
Wednesdays from 8.00am to 12.30pm and 1.10pm to
4.00pm, and Fridays 8.00am to 12.00pm.
Year 10
Sculpture by the Sea Exhibition
It was a pleasure to attend the Year 10 Sculpture by the Sea
Exhibition last week at the College. Our boys displayed a
wide variety of unconventional art making practices in order
to conceptualise their chosen environmental issue. More
than 70 students and staff attended the exhibition, where
Callum McPhee was voted the recipient of the People’s
Choice Award. I wish to congratulate our boys for their
marvellous works and class teacher, Andres Trujillo, for his
organisation of the event.
Principal 5: Recognise that each child contributes in
their own way
If you think that your child doesn’t help, or that one child in your
family is exceedingly generous with his or her contribution while
another always seems to drag the chain, step back a little and
observe from a distance. You may find it a revelation that the
child who appears less helpful actually does a great deal more
than you realized.”
Michael Grose
People’s Choice Award winner Callum McPhee with “Dry Wave”
Voting in progress
“Lord, teach me to be generous. Teach me to serve you as
you deserve; to give and not to count the cost, to fight and
not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, to
labor and not to ask for reward, save that of knowing that
I do your will.”
Prayer for Generosity, by St Ignatius of Loyola
God bless
Frank Chiment
Acting Head of School
from the Acting Dean of Senior School...
Student Wellbeing
Paul Dillon Talks
Research shows us that
young people today have less
resilience and increased levels
of anxiety, which is occurring
at a younger age and with
increased severity. One in
five young people will have a
mental health illness in their
lifetime. Statistically boys are
much less likely to ask for help
than girls, but connectedness to parents and to their school
is a significant protective factor. Therefore the partnership of
home and school is crucial in enhancing student wellbeing
and recognising and supporting students at risk. Furthermore,
students’ social and emotional wellbeing is significantly
related to improved academic performance.
Paul Dillon has been working in the area of drug and alcohol
education for the past 25 years. Through his own business,
Drug and Alcohol Research and Training Australia (DARTA)
he has been contracted by many agencies and organisations
across the country to give regular updates on current drug
trends within the community. He continues to work with
many schools nationally to ensure that they have access to
good quality information and best-practice drug education.
The College prides itself on the individual care provided for
every student. We are blessed to have a fantastic team of
tutors in the Senior School who should be the first point of
contact for any concerns regarding your son’s wellbeing.
They work closely with the relevant House Formation Leader
to best address the needs of the students in their care. Our
HFLs are responsible for overseeing the spiritual, academic
and emotional wellbeing of your son, and are incredibly
passionate about, and committed to this role.
Additionally, Senior School Academic Advisor Tricia Briggs,
International Student Programme Executive Officer Vivian Cao,
College Psychologist Diane Lowe and Indigenous Student
Academic Advisor Tate Williams, are all an integral part of the
pastoral care team in the Senior School. Together with our
dedicated teachers and support staff, the College aims to
provide our young men with the best possible environment
for them to flourish. I encourage your son to ‘tap in’ to the
support available here at the College whenever he is in need
of additional assistance.
Paul will be running the following seminars next week
for our Senior students:
Monday 23 May 2016
Session 1 – Periods 1 & 2
Session 2 – Periods 3 & 4
Session 3 – Periods 5 & 6
Year 12
Year 10
Year 11
Year 10
Young people, alcohol and risk taking:
Looking after your mates
This session provides accurate, up-to-date and credible
evidence so that informed choices can be made, covering
issues such as perceived prevalence of alcohol and other drug
use by young people, the risks associated with drinking spirits
and the dangers associated with the disinhibiting effect of
Year 11
Alcohol and cannabis: What if
something goes wrong?
Just as your son’s tutor or teacher may contact home if
they have any concerns about their wellbeing or academic
progress, I ask that you also keep us informed of any issues
or concerns outside of school that may allow us to better
support your son.
Building on the information delivered in the Year 10 session,
which these students attended last year, this presentation
again focuses on the risks around alcohol use for young
people, as well as introducing some information on cannabis.
The presentation will end with some alarming facts on the
impact of alcohol on the adolescent brain.
Year 10 - 12 Reports
Year 12
Thank you to all parents who attended the recent Year 11 &
12 Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews, a great opportunity
to further develop the home/school partnership. It seems
that there are some parents who have not yet seen their son’s
Interim (Year 10 and 11) or Mid Course (Year 12) Report. It is
imperative that you are aware of how your son is progressing
in his studies, so if you have not yet accessed his report I
encourage you to do so. If you are having trouble accessing
the report please contact the College Helpdesk [email protected]
Last year at school: What do I need to
know about alcohol and other drugs?
This presentation provides information on a range of issues
that students in their last year of schooling are likely to face
currently or in the years ahead. Where appropriate, issues
around attending Schoolies’ Week celebrations will be
Bus Monitors
The majority of our students travel to and from
school using both government and public buses.
Every year we ask Year 11 students to volunteer
as bus monitors to be a positive role model to the
younger students and assist us with any issues
that may arise. These senior students are not
expected to ‘police’ the buses, but are asked to
respectfully challenge any anti-social behaviour
that may occasionally occur. We expect them to
set a great example to their peers at all times,
but we also expect that our younger students
are respectful towards them if they have to be
reminded to do the right thing. I thank all the boys
for taking up this leadership role.
(left) Our 2016 Year 11 Bus Monitors
Music is good for the soul
Recently I was fortunate enough to attend the Year 11 Music Soiree and was very impressed with the quality of the
performances. I am sure I will feel the same this Thursday at the Year 10 Soiree.
In the holidays a group of students travelled all the way to the Blue Mountains to perform at the Mount Wilson Autumn
Festival. I have included an excerpt from the letter that the President of the Association took the time to write to Joseph Montz,
Performing Arts Co-ordinator.
I thank Jamie, Jordan, Dane and Jack for being
such great ambassadors for the College, and
to Joseph Montz and the Music Faculty for
their ongoing dedication and guidance of our
(left) Jack Donkers and Dane Preston performing at
the Year 11 Music Soiree
Daniel Fee
Acting Dean of Senior School
from the Dean of Primary School...
Teaching /Learning
There is no denying the important role teachers play in
the lives of our boys. All of our Primary School teachers are
involved in many hours of Professional Development outside
school hours as well as being coaches, managers of respective
sporting, debating and chess teams or running coding and
computer clubs or simply getting to school early to assist boys
experiencing difficulty mastering a new concept. They truly
care about your sons’ academic progress, but more importantly
recognise the importance of developing the gifts of the ‘whole’
In previous newsletters I have written about a number of
strategies that may assist in turning reluctant readers into
enthusiastic readers. In this week’s edition I have included
another strategy which you may find useful.
Use technology to engage your boys
E Readers are often the bridge that is needed to engage a
reluctant reader with a new and different text. Many eReading
apps and devices support graphic novels, comics, newspapers
and magazines. You might find that reading with your son
becomes a richer experience when there is a broad range of
interesting books to choose from.
Another clever way for time-poor dads to engage in reading
with their boys is to record themselves reading a chapter,
or a short piece of text, using the recording function on a
smartphone or iPod. This enables your son to read along a
favourite text with you, when you can’t be present physically.
Funny voices when reading always make an enticing surprise for
the listener.
Allowing boys the opportunities to see the men in their lives as
strong, resourceful and avid readers helps to demonstrate the
importance of reading. Take the time to read, discuss and enjoy
books with your son, grandson or nephew to help set them up
for reading success.
The acronym barrage continues, and I will endeavour to
unpack them as they come to hand. The recent push towards
STEM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Mathematics) is
something we have been doing now for some time. The
Primary Staff have spent many hours writing units of work
which incorporates aspects of STEM. All of our Science units
have a design task which includes working scientifically and
working technologically with elements of engineering, as well
as purposefully embedding elements of Mathematics and other
Key Learning Areas.
What are we doing?
In Science, Year 6 classes are designing and building houses
incorporating the use of circuits. The Measurement strand
and in particular 2D and 3D shapes and scale provides the
mathematics integration component. Soon the boys will be
involved in ‘Green screening’ which has natural linkages to
Technology, English (reading, writing, talking and listening) and
Drama. In this example we come across the acronym (STEAM)
with the addition of A or ‘The Arts’.
Year 5 classes are designing and making bridges and towers to
support the greatest weight. Of course Mass and Length are
the concepts that relate well to this activity. In Art, the boys
are enlarging life drawings from the environment which has a
natural link to Mathematics.
Our teachers have worked incredible hard designing integrated
and differentiated units which meaningfully integrate many
elements of the curriculum as part of the natural learning
rhythm of the day. Whether you call this STEM/STEAM, you
can be assured that the boys are engaged in a wide variety of
Project Based Learning (PBL).
Coding is another area that many schools use as a promotional
tool and found weekly in the papers. Maybe we undersell
ourselves a little at St Augustine’s as we have included coding as
part of our programmes for the last three years. Year 5 students
are currently working on ‘Imagine Logo’ which incorporates
elements of computer programming to write basic commands
as an animated ‘turtle’ creates amazing patterns. Year 6 will
soon begin working on coding programmes to design their
own games using Scratch and Kodu as well as make their Lego
robots dance and perform tasks.
Congratulations to Sean Mulligan for winning the Primary
section of the recent Rock in the Quad music festival. Sean has
a truly amazing voice and deserves this recognition for many
hours of training and hard work.
My apologies for the confusion regarding the ‘No homework’
week. For those of you who read my newsletter religiously each
week and in particular one vigilant father (thank you if this is
you!) this should have occurred this week. As a result of the
boys’ outstanding behaviour and positive attitude and manners,
next week will be a HOMEWORK FREE WEEK. Instead of
homework I would like to think that as a family you could spend
time together having dinner, playing games, exercising and
simply enjoying each other’s company without the sometimes
added stress of completing homework. If anyone would like to
e-mail me and share some pictures or stories, I would love to
include these in following newsletters.
Can you keep in your prayers Liz Armenio’s mum as she
continues her battle with a serious illness and Mark Catanzariti’s
father who is recovering from recent heart surgery. I know that
our staff members really appreciate your prayers and support.
Quote for the week . . .
“For success, attitude is equally as important as ability”.
Walter Scott
(above top) Year 6 Merit Award
winners. (above) Year 5 Merit
Award winners.
(left) Sean Mulligan - winner of
Rock in the Quad (Primary).
(above) Year 5 students busy at work this week.
(below) Thank you to Mr & Mrs Safarian (Christopher 5H) who
came in to talk to the Year 5 boys about Aboriginal art.
Terry Walsh
Dean of Primary School
(below left) Attollo Award
(below) Lachlan Golden
received his SEA Programme
James Allen
For showing
commitment to the
College Co-curricular
programme through
his dedicated approach
to Rugby.
Callum McPhee
For exceptional effort in
Visual Arts, winning the
‘People’s Choice Award’ in
the recent exhibition.
Lachlan Page
For volunteering his time
on the weekend to raise
money for the Salvation
Year 5
Oscar McMillan
For showing care and
compassion towards
Year 6
Patrick Pearman
For carrying out the
Augustinian values on
a daily basis.
Year 7
Ethan Stenner
For his contribution
to prayer at Year 7
Callum Hulme
For his admirable
contribution to the
College Music Festival
Angus Richmond
For showing initiative
with fundraising ideas for
Year 8
Jock Berwick-Clerke
For displaying true
Augustinian values
through his dedication
to fundraising for charity.
Year 9
Kevin Olson
Jake Fisher
For his enthusiasm and
leadership of the Reville
Touch Football team.
For being an
ambassador at the
AHISA conference held
at the College.
Sacramental Program for
Teens and Young adults
North Harbour Parish offers a
preparation program for:
• children aged seven years
and older who are not baptised
and would like to receive the
Sacrament of Baptism;
children who have been baptised into another Christian
denomination who wish to be received into the Catholic
Church and participate in the Sacramental Program;
children/young people/adults who have been baptised
Catholic who may not have received all the sacraments;
parents who may wish to become Catholic.
Please contact Janette Davidson [email protected]
northharbourcatholic.org.au or on 0408 866 521 for further
Congratulations Br Saldie !
Catholics and Anglicans praying
together for unity: 25 May
Our Catholic school community is enriched by the presence
of Christians of other church communities. There are strong
ecumenical links between our Diocese of Broken Bay, the
Anglican Diocese of Newcastle, and the Catholic Diocese
of Maitland-Newcastle. This year’s Ecumenical Service to
renew this Catholic-Anglican covenant relationship will
be celebrated on Wed 25th May
at 7:45pm in our
diocesan Cathedral, 23
Yardley Ave, Waitara,
with Catholic and
Anglican Bishops
present. You may
like to attend with
your children as a
way of modelling the
importance of praying
and working for
Christian unity.
Trinity Sunday: 22 May
Why is the Trinity so important? Well, theologically the Trinity
is unique. While all the other mysteries of faith describe
what God does for us, the doctrine of the Trinity alone is
understood as teaching us who God is in his deepest mystery.
As the Catechism stresses: “It is the mystery of God in himself.”
Br Saldie Resolado OSA makes his solemn profession on
Sunday May 22 at St Kieran’s Church during the 9.30am
Eucharist. Brothers Francis Belcina, Percival Sevare and
Nguyen Ngoc Hai Dang will also commit to the final stages
of Augustinian formation. Our prayers and love to all four
men on this important occasion. Support Br Saldie by
praying his favourite prayer, the Anima Christi (Soul
of Christ):
Soul of Christ, sanctify me.
Body of Christ, save me.
Blood of Christ, inebriate me.
Water from the side of Christ, wash me.
Passion of Christ, strengthen me.
O good Jesus, hear me.
Within thy wounds hide me.
Permit me not to be separated from thee.
From the wicked foe defend me.
At the hour of my death call me
And bid me come to thee
That with thy saints I may praise thee
For ever and ever. Amen.
St Augustine’s Prayer to Understand the Trinity
O Lord our God, we believe in you,
Father and Son and Holy Spirit…
Let me remember you,
let me understand you,
let me love you.
Augustine of Hippo. The Trinity.
Book 15.51.
Gina Marshall
Mission Co-ordinator
United Nations
International Day of
The International Day of Families is observed
on the 15th of May every year. The Day was
proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in 1993
and reflects the importance the international
community attaches to families. The International
Day provides an opportunity to promote
awareness of issues relating to families and to
increase knowledge of the social, economic and
demographic processes affecting families.
For more information:
“On this International Day of Families, let us resolve to advance sustainable development by creating a supportive
environment where all family members of all ages can realize their potential to contribute to our world.”
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Back to Saints Rugby Day... proudly supporting WHITE RIBBON
Saturday 21 May, Pittwater Rugby Park, Warriewood
The aim of the day is to raise some funds for White Ribbon, but more importantly
to raise awareness about the issue of men’s violence against women. Did you know
that over 12 months, on average, one women is killed every week as a result of
intimate partner violence. That domestic and family violence is the principle cause
of homelessness for women and their children and that one in three women have
experienced physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by someone known to
them. Research shows that If we can change young boys’ attitudes today, we can
change the world and make violence against women a thing of the past.
All Rugby players have purchased black socks with the White Ribbon logo to wear
with their Saints uniform for $10. All proceeds will be donated to White Ribbon. The
1st XV will also wear a custom jersey kindly donated by Canterbury Clothing. Before
each game on Saturday the students will make the following pledge:
“At St Augustine’s we are committed to being young men who speak out and
act to stop violence against women, and to safely and effectively challenge the
attitudes and behaviours of a minority of men who use or condone violence
against women.”
All are warmly invited to attend. Games are being held at Pittwater Rugby Park with the main game at 1.30pm.
This day also links closely to the 2016 Prefect Theme: Men of Honour. A new banner will be put up this week in the
playground to serve as a reminder to the boys.
Wristbands with the message: Men of Honour: Respect YOURSELF/HER/HIM will also available for $2 this week. Students have
permission to wear these for the remainder of the term. Again all proceeds to be donated to White Ribbon.
Kate Donnellan
SEA Programme Co-ordinator
Planning and Chunking Tasks
The assessment season is well and truly here, and
students may be feeling ‘swamped’ by the number
of assessments they need to complete in the next
five weeks.
Chunking” assignments or
assessments into manageable
steps over a set period of time
helps students to complete tasks
successfully. It removes much of
the stress involved in starting the
task. Knowing all the different
parts that go together to do an
assignment helps students to
understand the steps involved
and allows them to plan their
time effectively.
The Individual task planner, which can be found
on the Academic site for any year group at
https://atlas.saintaug.nsw.edu.au/ covers a threeweek period. This allows the necessary preparation
and/or completion time for of an assessment task.
Once the task has been deconstructed into the
work required, it can then be timetabled into term
or weekly planners (these planners can also be
found on the school portal. In addition, all Senior
School students have received a digital copy of
these documents.
Please note that both planners should be opened
using Adobe Reader to access the interactive
component (which can then be saved or amended.
Timely planning is a key ingredient
to achieving successful results in
assessment tasks.
Tricia Briggs
Senior School Academic Advisor
Making Thinking Visible: Apps for Parents
“I Can’t do it, Yet”
“Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with
improving your innovations.” Steve Jobs
Steven Jobs had it, Michael Jordan has it, Mozart had it, successful people have it. But what do they have?
Develop a Growth Mindset. A belief that intelligence
and ability grow and develop over time, as opposed to
something that is fixed and set. Growth Mindset encourages
greater risk taking, collaboration, enjoyment of challenge,
long-term development, and continuous achievement in all
types of learning endeavors (Dweck, 2006).
Develop a growth mindset in your child by focusing your
praise on process, learning, and effort: ‘You really worked
hard on this and have learned a lot. You did a great job of
developing a plan and following it through. You’ve really
developed as a musician’.
As opposed to ability: You’re so clever. Look how smart you are; you did that so fast. You’re good at math.
You’ve got a lot of talent.
The language we use with our boys matters. Do we promote a Growth Mindset?
Kylie Bowra
Learning Innovator
Weekly Careers News updates are now
available via the College ATLAS page.
Information related to university, TAFE, private colleges,
cadetships, scholarships, gap years and employment
opportunities are included. Senior Students are direct
messaged a copy of each week’s Career News.
Enquiries: Paul McAlinden
[email protected]
If you have recently changed
your home address or contact details
please notify our College Registrar,
Philippa Sherwood at
[email protected]
to ensure that your details are
updated in our College database.
School Photography
Dear Parents,
4CF 5BX 4C8
School photography day is coming up very soon. Group and portrait photographs can be
purchased by following the link above or by using the envelope.
Important Information:
School photos purchased online DO NOT require envelopes returned to school*
Don’t forget to order your sibling photos now
Late fees/additional charges will be applied for purchases after photo day
Photos will be returned to your school for distribution approximately six weeks
after photos are taken
Past years’ photographs including sports, co-curricular and representative groups
available at school’s advancedlife & your advancedyou photo sites (follow the
link above)
Sibling photographs: must be ordered either online or by order envelope prior to the day
of photography. A photograph will not be taken without an order. Sibling photographs only
apply to children enrolled at the school.
advancedlife would like to express our appreciation to ST AUGUSTINE'S COLLEGE SYDNEY for placing your trust in us. Please remember we offer a 100% money back
guarantee on our products to ensure your peace of mind. We would also love to receive
your feedback or resolve any issues you may experience as fast as possible, to ensure
your satisfaction. If you have any questions, comments or feedback relating to your
advancedlife experience please contact us at-
[email protected]
SEQTA – College Learning Management System
Term 2
Tuesday, 7 June 2016
7.00pm – 8.00pm
St Augustine’s College – AUDITORIUM
RSVP: Monday, 6 June 2016
[email protected]
SEQTA – College Learning Management System
Does your son tell you he doesn’t have any homework ?
Does your son get confused about what day it is in the timetable ?
Does your son say he doesn’t know when his Assessments Tasks are due ?
As parents, you can be empowered with all of the answers!
You may be aware that SEQTA, the College Learning Management System, is a
powerful communication tool for teachers, but did you know that SEQTA is also a
great way for parents to be involved in the learning journey too?
Parents today are more involved in their children’s school life than ever before.
SEQTA helps manage this through a parent portal. Parents can log in to SEQTA via
CONEQT-P to view their son’s lesson plans, timetables, reports and grades. They
can easily communicate with teachers, read notices, and engage with their
children’s education pathway.
This Parent Seminar explores the numerous ways SEQTA provides a window into
teaching and learning, as well as how you can be involved in your son’s academic
Practical demonstrations of all aspects of SEQTA will be provided to cater for all
levels of technological abilities.
Guy Richards,
eLearning Integrator
Canteen Roster Term 2, 2016
Mary Sidery
Kristina Wilson
Hannah Boffa
Monique Micardy
Keira Hulme
Cassandra Waddington
Kathy Bolton
Linda Edgell
Helen Crews
Georgie Torrens
Kath Gilmore
Therese Keane
Julie Russo
Dear Parents
Please find attached a link to our new
Winter Menu. The menu can also
be found on the Canteen page in College
Life. Butter Chicken is now available on
Friday, so our new special for Wednesday
is Pork Buns and Large Chicken Dim
Sims. Beef Goulash with Mashed Potato
& Massaman Beef Curry with Rice is also
available during the week.
The SaintsCard cashless system has been
available for some time. We thank parents
for using the SaintsCard via the College
ATLAS site. The card has made ordering and
purchasing at the Canteen a safe, fast and
streamlined process. Unfortunately, some
students are not using the process correctly
and have approached the College Finance
Office requesting a conversion of cash to
their SaintsCard. As a reminder, funds may be
added to an account online on ATLAS. Please
note, future requests for conversion of cash
will receive a polite refusal from the Finance
If you are unable to make your rostered time,
please contact me so that I can make
alternative arrangements. If you have a few
hours spare or have friends who would like to
join you on the canteen roster, please contact
NOTE: To all volunteers, due to WH&S
regulations please wear closed shoes,
ie. No thongs or sandals are allowed.
Annabel Nelson
Canteen Co-Ordinator
T: 91269904 M: 0414638395
E: [email protected]
Buy an Entertainment™ Membership and
support the Band Programme at
St Augustine's College (Sydney)
The NEW 2016 | 2017 Entertainment™ Book and Digital Memberships
are available now and are packed with thousands of up to 50% OFF
and 2-for-1 offers.
From every Membership we sell, 20% of the proceeds go towards our
fundraising for the Band Programme. The more Memberships we sell,
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familyand friends!
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St Augustine's College (Sydney)
Thank you for your support!
Please use this link to access payment page:
P&F President’s Report
Last Friday night I attended an amazing concert in the
Lecceto Auditorium where we saw a range of old boys
perform some great music. In the line up were Seaforth ( a
duet of Mitch Thompson and Tom Jordan), Jack Tier, Liam
Hogan, Charlie Sundborn, Rhys Oldham and Tim Conlon.
They were joined by current Year 12 boys and an all star band
to finish the event. As he was unable to be with us on the
night, Liam Singe made a special video appearance. All the
performers showed great skill and love of the art.
This performance again reminded me of the breadth of skills
and interests within the College’s co curricular activities. Each
and every one of the old boys attributed their love of music
and success in subsequent activities to the support given
by the College and the teachers in the music department. I
would like to add my thanks to the Music Faculty for all they
bring to the school.
As a community I think it is important that we recognize
the many aspects of what the school brings to our boys.
The education they receive covers many aspect, academic,
sporting, cultural and most importantly the spirit of caring
that is build into a Saint Augustine’s education.
P&F Class Parent and Year
Group Representatives
Year 11 Group Representative
We are currently looking for a Year Group Representative for
Year 11. This role is a great way to get to know more parents
in your son’s year and to become more involved with the
College community.
As it is important to have Year 11 represented, we ask that
any parent who is interested in volunteering or would like to
know more about being a Class Parent to please contact Fran
Boag at [email protected]
Upcoming P&F and Parents Activities Dates:
19 May
6:30 pm
Class 5K - Casual
Parent’s Night for
Class 5K at Manly
Wharf Bar
Please RSVP
Jo Pfafflin on
[email protected]
26 May
9:30 am
Classes 6A
and 6C - Mums
Coffee /Brunch
for Classes 6A
and 6C at the
Boathouse Shelly
Please RSVP
Kelaher on
[email protected]
26 May
7:30 pm
Class 8.3 Parents Dinner
for Tutor Group
8.3 at Aubergine,
Dee Why
Please RSVP Vib
Till on [email protected]
Sunday 5
2:30 pm
Class 5H - Father
and Son Laser
Tag for Tutor
Group 5H at
Collaroy Centre
Please RSVP
Sharna Mulcahy
on [email protected]
Upcoming events
P&F Meetings
If you have an item, question, suggestion for an information
topic for our P&F meetings please email Craig Jackson at
[email protected]
The schedule of P&F meetings for the rest of the year are as
Term 3 – 10 August 2016
Term 4 (and AGM) – 9 November 2016
Each meeting starts at 7pm, wine and cheese provided.
Please see Tolle Lege for more details closer to the meeting.
Craig Jackson
P&F President
Students are offered additional academic support after school in the Augustine Resource Centre (ARC). The ARC is
open for students in Years 5 - 9 until 5:00pm, until 6:00pm for students in Years 10 - 12 on Monday to Thursday
and until 7:30pm on Monday and Wednesday only for Year 12 students. We are fortunate to have a number of
recent past scholars from the College, including Jordan Candido and Nicholas Chivers, available to support students
with their studies during these times. Academic staff also generously make themselves available to assist boys.
Students, particularly in Years 11 and 12, are encouraged to stay on at school and complete their homework in study
partnerships in our well-resourced library. It is a great opportunity for all students to ask for help in areas where they
may be struggling and also to consolidate work they have studied in class. All students attending the ARC after school
must have work to complete.
Anna Harmer and Dave Gale
Tue 1
Carly Townsend
Anna Hayes
Aaron McLuckie Japanese Senior/
Chinese Junior
7 - 10
11 - 12
Candice Green
Kirsty Begg
Tate Williams
Kirsty Begg
Tate Williams
Ilona Welch
Graham Bruce Science/Physics
Sean McLean Science/Biology
Kirsty Begg
Kirsty Begg
Candice Green
Ilona Welch
Adam Evans
Adam Evans
Tricia Briggs
Madeleine Conlon also Humanities
Tricia Briggs
Amanda Neilsen
Vicki Lewis
Library & Information Services
Congratulations to all students who participated in our
Music Festival Week
All performances were very commendable and the adjudications reflected the quality of our music students.
We present our Solo Recitals in order to provide the boys with valuable performance experience, not to apply pressure,
but to allow them to share with their parents and the wider school community the product of their Instrumental and Vocal
tuition and to also provide them with helpful advice from independent sources.
Boys have the choice as to whether or not they wish an adjudication and this year all students requested the important
feedback from the adjudicators.
A huge thank you to all family and friends who came to support the students.
Also our gratitude extends to all our highly esteemed adjudicators: Mr Josh Bedoukian; Mr Brian Evans; Ms Amy Whyte;
Mr Tony Baldwin; Mr David Holmes and Ms Prinnie Stevens.
We are also extremely grateful to Turramurra Music http://www.turramusic.com.au for their generous support in providing
us with all the prizes for each section.
Congratulations to our section winners:
Junior Piano – Joel van Duyl
Senior Piano – Eric Chen
Junior Bass – Angus Marshall
Senior Bass – Samuel Rimmer
Junior Guitar – Jack Indersmith
Senior Guitar – Sean Bryan
Junior Drums – George Barrett
Senior Drums – Jake Griffiths
Junior Woodwind – James Hocking
Senior Woodwind – Benjamin Morgan
Junior Voice – Hayden Williams
Senior Voice – Jordan Banning
Junior Brass – Mitchell Seymour
Senior Brass – Thomas Lewis
Junior Rock in the Quad – Sean Mulligan
Senior Rock in the Quad – Ginbuice: Will Findlay, Callum Hulme,
Will Maddock, Patrick Scognamiglio, Harrison Barwell, Samuel Rimmer
Once again the College was entertained by the sounds of Rock in the Quad at lunchtimes with particular highlights being the
winning bands and the staff performances on Friday.
Music Generations was our 60th Anniversary Reunion Concert with outstanding performances by Old Boys Jack Tier, Rhys Oldham,
Liam Hogan, Charlie Sundborn, Seaforth – Mitchell Thompson and Tom Jordan. All ably supported by Taylor Syme, James
Scognamiglio, Toby Hardiman, James Slack-Smith and Nick Chivers. A special video message from Liam Singe who is currently on
a sell-out tour overseas was another highlight of the evening. Our senior students also savoured the opportunity to perform with
and support these esteemed alumni. It was also great to meet up with so many past parents who came to enjoy the evening.
Many thanks to Brian Sinclair and the College Production Team who supported us so well with all the audio visual requirements,
the dedication to this aspect of the week is greatly appreciated.
Special thanks to all the staff who attended events throughout the week and Matthew Hutchison, Frank Chiment and Peter Nolan
for their support.
Finally, our dedicated Music Faculty Joseph Montz, Alec Openshaw, Amelia Granturco and Lynne Papahatzis who all worked so
hard to ensure the success of the Music Festival.
Faith Ling
Music Faculty Co-ordinator
Joseph Montz
Performing Arts Co-ordinator
Congratulations to the following students who represented
the College at the Sydney Schools Regional Surfing
Competition held at Dee Why Beach last week:
Congratulations to all students who participated in the
College rugby matches last weekend against St Patrick’s
College. We won all 15 games against St Patrick’s which is
a remarkable achievement and credit to both the players
and the coaching staff.
Lewis Milner
Harmon Kassulke
Ben Walsh
Harry Waddington
Carter Harris
Lachlan King
Sam Howell
Christian Musgrove
Ruban Casteight
Brock Maunder
George Pittar
Jack Clancy
The College had a very strong team of surfers in both
divisions. A special congratulations to the following
students who will now compete individually at the NSW
State School Surfing Titles in Port Macquarie, after gaining
1st and 2nd place in their respective division:
George Pittar – 1st Junior Boys
Harmon Kassulke – 2nd Senior Boys
We will also have 2 teams competing at the NSW State
School Surfing Titles:
Senior Boys – MR Team: Harmon Kassulke & Harry
Junior Boys – MR Team: George Pittar & Ben Walsh
Congratulations to Teddy Wilson who is now the
Australian Boxing Champion for his weight.
He competed in Queensland last week at the Australian
Championships and was also judged to be the best junior
boxer of the whole tournament. Teddy’s interest in boxing
commenced when he involved himself in the College
boxing programme and is coached by Jason Lussick. Teddy
is a very talented athlete where he also excels in Rugby
Union and Rugby League.
This Saturday, May 21, is Back to Saints
Rugby Day... proudly supporting
All players are being asked to purchase black socks with
the White Ribbon logo to wear with their Saints uniform.
These socks can be purchased for $10 at recess & lunch in
the Mission Office. All proceeds will be donated to White
Ribbon. The 1 XV will also wear a custom jersey kindly
donated by Canterbury Clothing.
The aim of the day is to raise some funds for the charity,
but more importantly to raise awareness about the issue
of men’s violence against women. Did you know that over
12 months, on average, one women is killed every week
as a result of intimate partner violence. That domestic and
family violence is the principle cause of homelessness
for women and their children and that one in three
women have experienced physical and/or sexual violence
perpetrated by someone known to them. Research shows
that If we can change young boys’ attitudes today, we can
change the world and make violence against women a
thing of the past.
To this end I am asking that all teams say the following
pledge together before they run onto the field. “At St Augustine’s we are committed to being young
men who speak out and act to stop violence against
women, and to safely and effectively challenge the
attitudes and behaviours of a minority of men who
use or condone violence against women.”
Rugby Matches
Saturday 21 May 2016
IPSHA (11 & 12yrs) Round 4
ISA (13-Opens) Round 3
11 Gold
St Patricks College
Pittwater Rugby Park 3
11 Green
St Patricks College
Pittwater Rugby Park 3
St Patricks College
Pittwater Rugby Park 3
12 Gold
Knox Grammar School
Pittwater Rugby Park 4
12 Green
Knox Grammar School
Pittwater Rugby Park 4
12 Red
Knox Grammar School
Pittwater Rugby Park 4
13 Gold
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 2
13 Green
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 3
13 Red
Newington College
Pittwater Rugby Park 2
13 White
Newington College
Pittwater Rugby Park 2
14 Gold
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 2
14 Green
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 3
14 Red
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 3
15 Gold
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 4
15 Green
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 4
15 Red
Oxley College
Governor’s field, Bowral
16 Gold
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 4
16 Green
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 4
3 XV
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 3
2 XV
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 2
1 XV
Kinross Wolaroi
Pittwater Rugby Park 1
Colts 1
West Harbour
Pittwater Rugby Park 1
Colts 2
West Harbour
Pittwater Rugby Park 1
Colts 3
West Harbour
Pittwater Rugby Park 1
Field Locations:
• Pittwater Rugby Park – Pittwater Road, Narrabeen (enter via Walsh Street)
• Governors Field - Oxley College, Bowral - 11-29 Railway Road, Burradoo
Sports Uniform
Snow Sports
Students attending any College sporting event as participants
must wear their sport uniform. Students attending as
spectators are also strongly encouraged to wear the College
sports uniform which will reflect the College pride and
For any student who would like to represent the College
in Snow Sports during the mid-year holidays, there will
be an information evening in the Lecceto Auditorium on
Wednesday 25 May at 6.30pm. Sean Gartner is the parent
contact who co-ordinates all of the Snow Sports and will
provide further details and be able to answer any queries.
John Papahatzis
Head of Sport & Co-curricular
SNOW sports
For all the snow skier and boarding enthusiasts out
there, this is your chance to compete and represent
your school, plus have some fun with your classmates.
In the mid-year holiday break, the Regional NSW
Interschools Snowsports Championships will be held at
Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains, from 6th-9th July.
Although this is a competition and can lead to state and
national titles, it is open for all with an emphasis on
fun. State titles are also at Thredbo from 24-28 August,
Nationals in 2016 are at Perisher from 7-11 September.
Students are encouraged to form teams of 3 or 4 to
race in their division in events such as alpine,
skier/boarder cross, moguls and cross country.
Last year St Augustine’s entered a team of 24 with 7 making
state titles and 4 qualifying for nationals. 2016 is the 4th year
St.Augustines have entered a team and the results are
improving every year.
This year we’re looking to increase the level of participation.
Whilst the college is endorsing student participation in this
event, all entrants will be required to organise their own
accommodation, transportation and equipment for the races.
It is recommended therefore for those students that
have skied or boarded before and are of at least an
intermediate to advanced level, and those that
usually travel to the snow to ski or board with their
family or friends
For more detailed information, click on the link
below. If you are interested in competing and have
any queries, please contact Sean Gartner
([email protected]), who as a parent is the
St Augustine’s Snowsports Co-ordinator managing
the team.
Cricket season 2015/16 came to a close last night at the
annual Presentation Night held in the Brimson Centre. The
recent Sri Lankan Tour was celebrated and all in attendance
were able to see the sights and colours in a fabulous slide
show of photos. Definitely something to look forward to for
those young cricketers coming through.
The night was also a celebration for those players awarded
Best Bat, Best Bowler and the Spirit of Cricket Award from their
team. Also on the night, players who scored hundreds, took
5-wicket hauls and Hattricks were also congratulated. The
major award of the night – The John Slack Memorial Trophy
for St Augustine’s College Junior Cricketer of the Year – was
presented for the first time by Peter Slack – brother of John
whom the trophy is named. John Slack was the first College
Captain as well as the first 1st XI Captain and scored the first
century for the College. John’s life was tragically cut short at
the age of 28 when he died following complications from a
melanoma. Peter spoke brilliantly about life at St Augustine’s
College 60 years ago and how proud he was that John’s name
be associated with the award. Aaron Peters of Yr 12 was
named the 2015/16 winner after another fantastic summer
with bat and ball.
Aaron Peters picks up his second John Slack Memorial Trophy for
Junior Cricketer of the Year - presented by special guest
Peter Slack – current old boy of the College and member of
the very first 1st XI team in 1962.
Well done to all players and a big thank you to all who
contribute on and off the field as part of this great game.
Hundred Club – players who scored centuries for the College in
2015/16 presented with their scorecards
James Scholtens
TiC Cricket
[email protected]
Water Polo
Games for Monday 23 May:
Results from Friday 13 May:
St Augustine’s A v Pittwater 12 St Augustine’s B v SACS A St Augustine’s C v Redlands B Games for Friday 20 May:
Lost 2-4
Lost 0-4
Won 9-3
St Augustine’s A St Augustine’s B St Augustine’s C 7.43pm
v Redlands A v Balgowlah v Pittwater 11 St Augustine’s A St Augustine’s B St Augustine’s C St Augustine’s D v St Luke’s A v SACS A v Bye
v St Luke’ B 8.29pm
Junior (Year 7)
Results from Monday 16 May:
St Augustine’s A v Bye
St Augustine’s B v St Luke’s A game cancelled St Augustine’s C v SACS B game cancelled
St Augustine’s D v Redlands B game cancelled
Trials for junior water polo will take place on Monday 30
May from 4pm-5pm at Warringah Aquatic Centre. A bus will
take the boys from the College to the pool. Parents will be
responsible for arranging for their son to be collected from
the pool at 5pm. Boys should bring swimming costumes, a
towel and goggles to school on the day.
Paul Hull
TiC Water Polo
Sam Giddy (Year 6) recently competed in the State Bodyboarding
Titles in Kiama and was awarded 1st Place in the Grom Division.
He will compete in the National bodyboarding titles in Coffs
Harbour in August.
Congratulations Sam!

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