Presentation Preference - BEST2015 BEST2015 BEST2015


Presentation Preference - BEST2015 BEST2015 BEST2015
 Presentation Preference
Title of presentation
□ Topic 1: Bioprocess Engineering
□ Topic 2: Biosensing
□ Topic 3: Cell Engineering
□ Topic 4: Functional food / Nutraceuticals
Topic area
(Please select one)
□ Topic 5: General Session
□ Topic 6: Protein Engineering
□ Topic 7: Renewable Energy
□ Topic 8: 3D printing in Biomedical Engineering
□ Topic 9: Asian Federation of Biotechnology (AFOB) satellite
) oral
) poster
1. Registration should be completed before abstract submission. This process includes
payment of registration fee and submission of proof of payment. All abstract submissions
should conform to the standardized format and be completed in English, in accordance
with the symposium requirements.
2. Authorization of manuscript copyright transfer is required before abstract submission.
3. All authors (oral, poster, keynote, and invited) are required to register for the symposium.
4. In order to protect intellectual property rights, the submitter is held responsible as a
representative of all the authors on the paper. The corresponding authors should be marked
with an asterisk (*) following their name.
5. Projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) should include grant
number and acknowledgement of grant support.
6. All accepted one-page abstracts will be published as received in the symposium
proceedings, which will be available at the registration
7. Abstracts should be written in the standardized format suitable for publication.
8. Abstracts should be checked for general information, author information, and file format
before submission.
9. Editing of submitted abstracts by the authors is allowed before submission deadline.
10. Deadlines:
 Abstract submission will be closed on May 3th, 2015.
 Notification of acceptance will be sent to the authors by e-mail before May 17th, 2015.
11. Abstract Format:
 Typewritten on A4 paper with margins of 2.5 cm (top, bottom, left and right)
 Font: Times New Roman
 Title: bold and centered (14 pt)
 Authors and affiliation: 11 pt, with the presenting author indicated by an underline
 Text: 11 pt, single spaced and fully justified
 File Format: Microsoft Word DOC file (should not exceed 1 MB)
 Filenames including ”full name” of the presenting author are preferred for the abstract
and registration form.
Title of an Abstract Sample
Presenting Author1, Second Author1, and Corresponding Author2*
First Affiliation
Second Affiliation
Email :
科技部計畫編號 MOST # :
Every year the Symposium on Biotechnology and Bioengineering, organized by the Biochemical
Engineering Society of Taiwan (BEST), has brought together scholars and specialists from the
scientific community in Taiwan since its conception in 1996. The conference not only provides a
platform to showcase the fruits of research from experts in the fields, but also aims to promote the
exchange of knowledge between the academia and the industry.
This year, the Department of Chemical Engineering of National Taiwan University of Science and
Technology (NTUST) will co-host the 2015 20th BEST International Symposium on Biotechnology
and Bioengineering with the Department of Chemical Engineering at National Taiwan University
(NTU). The responsibility of hosting the annual conference has been delegated to the two universities
as they are nationally renowned academic institutions dedicated to cultivating talents, research and
development, and providing services to the industry. The two universities are also endowed with the
responsibility of supporting the nation’s demand for economic growth and advancement of scientific
technology. In order to foster worldwide collaborations and promote international academic exchanges,
this year’s conference marks its debut as the first international conference of its kind.
The 2015 20th BEST International Symposium on Biotechnology and Bioengineering will serve
as a global platform, where world renowned scholars from the United States, Japan, Korea, China,
Thailand, etc., are invited to share their expertise in research and promote scientific discourses. It is
anticipated that through this international meeting, scholars from various parts of the world can build
collaborations and exchange ideas to further innovative research in the fields of Biotechnology and
Bioengineering. The topics covered by this conference include subjects related to Biotechnology,
Energy, Biosensing, Biomedical Engineering, and so forth. This conference serves as an excellent
opportunity for international participants from the academia, the industry, and various research
institutes to network, bond, and engage in developing new ideas that will promote the establishment of
international relations and collaborations for future interdisciplinary research.

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