Educational Seminars Get Expert Advice from the Professionals



Educational Seminars Get Expert Advice from the Professionals
5th Annual
Educational Seminars
Get Expert Advice from the Professionals
All seminars will be held in the Bronze Room
Check & Building and
Remodeling Expo on Facebook for updates. Please
note that times and dates are subject to change.
11:30- 12:15
Importance of Proper HVAC Systems in
Spray-Foam Houses
Todd Witt, Synergy Air Flow & Ventilation
Learn how spray foam insulation and changes in
HVAC systems have made today’s homes more
1:30- 2:15
How to Design and Budget for a Kitchen
George Williams, Precision HomeCrafters
The first question most homeowners have when
considering a kitchen remodel is “How much will
it cost?” Learn how to design choices will impact
2:30- 3:15
What is How can I use it to Plan
my Remodeling Project?
Susan McGee, Counter Dimensions
Are you tired of cutting pages out of magazines
for an inspiration file? Learn how to use Houzz.
com, an online photo database for people in the
process of building, remodeling and decorating.
3:30- 4:15
Designing Homes for a Lifetime
Jewel McKay, McKay Building Company, Inc.
According to AARP, older home owners
overwhelmingly prefer to age-in-place, which
means living in your home safely, independently
and comfortably, regardless of age or ability
level. Learn how to make your existing home a
home for a lifetime.
4:30- 5:15
Should I Build a New Home or Remodel my
Existing Home?
Andrew Lange, Drake Homes
11:15- 12:00
Should I Remodel or Move?
George Williams, Precision HomeCrafters
Will you recoup the investment from remodeling?
Is the cost of moving worth it? Most people will
have to answer these questions at least three
times in life. Get valuable insight to help you make
these tough decisions.
1:15- 2:00
Secrets to a Great Kitchen or Bath Remodel
Tom Coan, CASE Design/Remodeling
Learn how to time your remodel, how to choose
the right person for the job, current design trends
and how to set a budget.
2:15- 3:00
Ten Things to Consider Before a Kitchen or
Bath Remodel
Susan McGee, Counter Dimensions
There are so many things to consider when
preparing for a kitchen or bath renovation. Learn
the top 10 things for each that will help with the
process and ease some worries.
3:15- 4:00
Three Easy Steps to Building & Remodeling
Bill Fargason, Fargason Building Corporation
With so many factors involved in building &
remodeling, we’ll break the long process down into
three easy steps:
1: Choosing a budget
2: Choose the right contractor
3: Current design trends
Do we stay or do we go? What are the benefits?
Cost? We will analyze the decision whether to
build, buy or remodel your existing home.

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