UC Self Care Portal Quick Reference


UC Self Care Portal Quick Reference
Unified Communications Self Care Portal 10.x
Quick Reference Guide
Unified Communications Self Care
Portal is a web-based interface that
helps you manage many of the
settings for your CDK Network
Setting Up Do Not
Disturb (DND)
When Do Not Disturb (DND) is
enabled, incoming calls to any line
on your phone will not ring and go
immediately to voice mail (or will
ring without the ringer audible).
Changing Your
Password and PIN
You can change the PIN for your
phone and the password for
accessing the Unified
Communications Self Care Portal.
Setting up Call
You can set up your phone to
forward calls to your voice mailbox
or to another number (such as your
mobile phone).
Setting Up Speed Dials
and Abbreviated Dials
If your phone has unused line
buttons, you can assign a speed
dial to these unused buttons.
If all of your phone’s line buttons
are used for extensions or other
features, you can add a number as
an abbreviated dial.
Logging in to the UC Self Care Portal
1. Open a web browser and navigate to https:/______________________/ucmuser.
Obtain the IP Address from your system administrator.
2. Type your User Name and Password, and then click Login. Your user name is
most likely the extension for your phone.
1. From the menu, click IM & Availability.
2. To enable DND for all extensions on your phone, click Turn on, and then click
3. To disable DND for all extensions of your phone, click to uncheck Turn on, and
then click Save.
Changing Your Password
1. From the menu, click General Settings.
2. In the Client/Portal Password section, type your new password in the New
Password and Confirm New Password fields.
3. Click Save to change your password.
Changing Your PIN
1. From the menu, click General Settings.
2. In the Phone Services PIN section, type your new PIN in the New Phone PIN and
Confirm New Phone PIN fields.
3. Click Save to change your password.
1. From the menu, click Phones, and then click Call Forwarding.
2. If necessary, click the arrow next to the extension you want to forward to display
the available options.
3. Click to select the Forward all calls to box, and then select your preference:
4. Voice Mail: Select this option to forward all calls to your voice mailbox.
5. Add a new number: Type the number (e.g., your mobile number) as you would
dial it from your ADP Network Phone.
3. Click Save to enable the call forwarding.
4. To disable call forwarding, uncheck the Forward all calls to box, and then click
Setting Up Speed Dial Entries on Unused Line Buttons
From the menu, click Phones, and then click Phone Settings.
Click Speed Dial Numbers to view the available options.
Click Add New Speed Dial.
Enter the following information on the Add Speed Dial dialog:
Number/URI: Type the number as you would dial it from your ADP Network
Phone (e.g., add a 9 for external calls, if that’s how you dial them).
§ Label: Type the name or description as you want it to display on your phone.
§ Speed Dial: Type the number to assign as this speed dial entry.
5. Click Save to enable the speed dial entry.
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March 19, 2015
Quick Reference Guide
Setting Up Contacts
Contacts display in your Personal
Directory as entries in your
Personal Address Book.
You can add co-workers as
contacts by clicking the Add
button in the Directory.
Using Your Dealership
You can view your dealership’s
corporate directory to look up
extensions for employees.
You can also add entries as
contacts or as speed dial entries on
your phone.
1. Click the Contacts tab.
2. Click Add New
3. Enter the following information for the personal address book entry:
§ First Name: Type the first name for the entry
Last Name: Type the last name for the entry
Nick Name: Type a nickname for the entry.
Email: Type the e-mail address for the entry
Home/Work/Mobile Phone: Type the entry’s phone numbers as you would
dial him/her from your ADP Network Phone. If you want this entry to be an
abbreviated dial entry, select the abbreviated dial entry number from the list
and add a label as needed.
4. Click OK to create the contact in your personal address book.
Viewing Your Dealership Directory
1. Click the Directory tab. The full directory displays.
2. You can sort, filter the directory as follows:
§ Sort: click the column header to sort the list in ascending order; click it again
to sort in descending order.
Filter: Click the Filter button
to display the quick filter, where you can
enter filter criteria for each of the columns of data. The directory is filtered as
you type characters in one of the filter fields. To remove all filters, click the
Filter button
Column Arrangement: You can change which columns display in the
directory by clicking the Settings button
, clicking Columns, and then
unchecking/checking the columns you want to hide/show from the directory.
Adding Entries as Contacts/Speed Dials
1. Find the entry in the directory that you want to add as a contact and/or a speed
dial entry.
2. In the Actions column, click the Add Contact button
3. Edit the Contact Information as needed. The information that displays is from the
phone system records, but you can change any of the information to fit your
4. Edit the Phone Information as needed. Be sure to enter phone numbers as you
would dial them from your phone (i.e., if you need to dial a 9 for external numbers,
add it to the number). If you want a number to be a speed dial entry, select the
appropriate slot number from the Speed Dial drop-down list and enter a label for
the entry.
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