ISOLA beachwear according to Marta Ferri exclusively for thecorner


ISOLA beachwear according to Marta Ferri exclusively for thecorner
beachwear according to Marta Ferri
exclusively for
April 2015 - An explosion of colours and flowers, light and ethereal fabrics. Marta Ferri has designed a
capsule collection for, available worldwide starting on 22 April.
The designer’s collection, called Isola, is a veritable ode to Summer with clothing and accessories in silk,
cotton lint and jute, featuring distinct references to the hues and aromas of Pantelleria, her Pantelleria.
Bathing suits that can be mixed and matched, espadrille wedges, long dresses, oversized sweaters, all with
floral prints.
“As often is the case, my collections start with a personal necessity… my high fashion line began with a
search for something unique and original in my style that I could wear to parties, thus the made to measure
aspect. Now, my wardrobe has no shortage of evening dresses, but my everyday wear certainly doesn’t
have the same vitality and personality.
When packing for my beloved Pantelleria, I realised that I’ve been bringing the same things for years… 2 of
my husband’s button-downs, shorts, a sarong and one of my mother’s old dresses. I wanted to add
something new that didn’t clash with the rest, and that is how the Isola collection was born. There are
essential pieces mixed with great classics. You are dressed, but never overdressed and the materials and
colours reflect the Pantelleria lifestyle.”
This idea turned into a project that could well be considered a family affair; the editorial photos were shot by
photographer, Fabrizio Ferri, who immortalised his daughters, Marta and Matilde, as they had fun trying on
the colourful caftans and swimsuits.
The print featured in the collection is a reinterpretation of a photograph from their father’s archive.
“The collection is inspired by Pantelleria and its special light that makes colours so strong and intense. You
breathe in the air of nearby Africa and the desert’s white sand, brought in by the sirocco winds, that softens
the air. The red of tomatoes, the purple of the caper flower, oranges and yellows of citrus fruits… all colours
featured in the collection: an explosion of a Pantelleria Summer. It is an island of strong contrasts, windy,
sweeping, but sweet and reassuring at the same time.” - says Marta Ferri.
The minimal swimsuits in cotton with raw-cut edges come from a collaboration with the artisanal brand,
Isole&Vulcani, a label Marta discovered on her travels in Sicily. The comfortable espadrilles, on the other
hand, are produced by the young footwear brand, Manebì.