“Go Teacher” program activities


“Go Teacher” program activities
Student Activities
Ice skating
Maria Montero & Jessica Guijarro attended the Ice-skating at
El Paso. It was fantastic and they enjoyed it a lot. This trip
was organized by a NMSU organization.
International Dinner
“The International dinner was to share important information about Ecuadorian Culture with
members of the community of Las Cruces.”
-Roxana Villegas, Maria Montero, Estefania Gabriela
Carrera Onofre & Jessica Guijarro
Grand Canyon
“On January 18 I went to the Grand Canyon with other Ecuadorians.
These are the best experiences I could take back to my country.” -Maria
Teresa Rivera Pillajo and Julio Lenin Tirado Abarca
“I went to Ruidoso Winter Park with a group of friends, in which
we had lots of fun. It is two hours from Las Cruces. We went down
snow hills on surf boards and it was a lot of fun.”
-Omar Salazar, Edid Guerrero, Liliana Ordoñez Avila, Adriana
Armijos, Rozana Rosero and Rina Fernandez
Carlsbad Caverns
Rozana Del Ricio Rosero Peralta went to the Carlsbad Caverns with a group of classmates.
Los Angeles
Rozana Del Ricio Rosero Peralta, Estefania Gabriela Carrera
Onofre, Evelyn Yamile Jativa Acebo, Omar Daniel Salazar Molina,
Herminia Gabriela Martinez Dominguez, Karina Villafuerte,
Adriana Nichol Soto Soto, Karla Isable Carpio Toledo and Lorena
Del Pilar Rojas Romero went to Los Angeles over spring break with
their families and friends. Karina wrote, “we visited some interesting
places such as: Los Angeles Zoo, The Warner Bros Studios, The
Universal Studios, museums and so on.”
Las Vegas
Rozana Del Ricio Rosero Peralta, Mercy Yolanda Sandoval Mendez, Omar Daniel Salazar Molina,
Rosa Luzuriaga, Ana Cristina Yamberla Caceres and Monica Pacheco went to Las Vegas over
spring breal with family and friends. Mercy wrote, “it was a wonderful experience in which I spent
my time with my friends and visited several places in this marvelous city.”
St. Patrick’s Day in Las Cruces
Mercy Yolanda Sandoval Mendez celebrated St. Patrick’s Day at a bar in Las Cruces and Karla
Isabel Carpio Toledo participated in St. Patrick’s Day tabling on campus.
International Festival
Carmen Rocio Totoy Sani, Edid Susana Guerrero Calva, Jessica Leonor
Guijarro Barros, Herminia Gabriela Martinez Dominguez, Rosa Luzuriaga,
Maria Lucia Montero Guallpa, dance, Maria Isabel Hipo Cacuango, Ana
Cristina Yamberla Caceres, Monica Pacheco, Karla Isabel Carpio Toledo,
Marco Herrera and Karina Villafuerte Maria Teresa Rivera Pillajo attended
and participated in the International Festival.
Karina said, “I had the opportunity to share cultures, beliefs and customs in
the International Festival carried out at the Convention Center.”
Karla said, “It was the best experience of my life because, I could share my
culture and learn from others.”
Sandra Guijarro, Carmen Rocio Totoy Sani, Edid Susana Guerrero Calva,
Miriam Janeth Ortiz Paredes, Mayra Isabel Pani Molina, Maria Lucia
Montero Guallpa, Rina Fernandez and Maria Isabel Hipo Cacuango
traveled to New York City for their spring break.
Cowboy Days
Karla Isabel Carpio Toledo, Evelyn Yamile Jativa Acebo, Rosa Luzuriaga, Monica Pacheco and
Karina Villafuerte went to the Cowboy Days at the Farm and Ranch museum. Again, Karina
described the event: “All the GoTeachers had the opportunity to visit The Ranch Heritage Museum,
where we could learn important things about the culture of this city.”
Basketball Game
Karla Isabel Carpio Toledo, Evelyn Yamile Jativa Acebo,
Omar Daniel Salazar Molina, Rosa Luzuriaga, Karina
Villafuerte, Miriam Janeth Ortiz Paredes and Monica
Pacheco attended NMSU’s final basketball game together.
Estefania Gabriela Carrera Onofre, Jessica Leonor Guijarro Barros
attended Mass at St. Albert the Great Newman Center, and Miriam
Janeth Ortiz Paredes, Paola Rodriquez, Javier Ochoa Mendoza, Silvia
Nunez, Liliana Rea, Milton Bravo and Veronica Del Consuelo Pazmino
Lopez have been going to church on the weekends and meeting a lot of
people. It is a good place to practice English. They are very kind and
friendly people.
Sandra Guijarro has been attending Aggies 4 Christ on Monday nights.
Magic Show
Karla Isabel Carpio Toledo, Rosa Luzuriaga, Maria Isabel Hipo Cacuango and
Monica Pacheco attended the magic and comedy show.
Museum of Nature and Science
Karina Villafuerte went to the museum with some friends, saying “my classmates
and I visited The Museum of Nature and Science in Las Cruces. In this place we
learned everything about animal wild life and about rivers and plains of the city
Happy Holi
“On Campus I enjoy in the HAPPY HOLI, welcome the spring with the Indians and the Brazilian
- Lorena Del Pilar Rojas Romero
International Meeting/Dinner
Evelyn Yamile Jativa Acebo and Mayra Isabel Pani Molina “went to the international dinner and
really enjoyed the time there, learning about Chinese culture.”
Lorena Del Pilar Rojas Romero and Paola Alexandra Rodriquez Solorzano are attending the
international meeting with Hellen King each Tuesday.
White Sands
Rina Fernandez, Veronica Del Consuelo Pazmino
Lopez and Lucia Elizabeth Bombon Garcia enjoyed
the trip to White Sands.
Movie Night
I went to watch a movie and get root beer with my friends.
Maria Fernanda Llumiquinga.
P.O. Box 30001 – MSC 3567, Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001 (575) 646-2071; (575) 646-3531-Fax; e-mail: [email protected]

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