Study Guide


Study Guide
SIO 133 Discussion Section -- Week 5
1. Lecture 11: Biogeography
2. Lecture 12: Climate Change
3. Lecture 13: Sensory Systems: Vision
Lecture 11: Biogeography ------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------1) Look at the figure below and list:
a. One oceanic environmental factor that creates north-south barriers to marine mammal
b. Geographical features that create east-west barriers to marine mammal movement.
2) How does the seasonal productivity of an oceanic region affect marine mammal distribution?
Give one example.
SIO 133 Discussion Section -- Week 5
3) Define the following terms and shade in the globe with the corresponding areas.
a. Circumpolar
b. Pantropical
c. Anti-tropical
SIO 133 Discussion Section -- Week 5
4) Give an example species (binomial and common name) for each of the following distributions.
5) List 3 factors that might explain the distribution patterns listed above.
Lecture 12: Climate Change ------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------1) What are four global-level changes that are resulting from climate change?
2) Approximately what is the current level of CO2 in the atmosphere?
3) An environmental positive feedback loop is created when one “cause” creates and “effect”
that in turn increases the root cause in a circular manner. Give one example of a positive
feedback loop related to climate change and the ocean.
4) Explain how each of the following effects of climate change will affect marine mammals and
provide at least two examples:
a. Sea level rise
SIO 133 Discussion Section -- Week 5
b. Loss of sea ice
Lecture 13: Sensory systems: Vision -------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------1) Explain the trade-offs of binocular versus monocular vision.
2) Do short or long wavelengths of light penetrate deeper into the ocean? What color propagates
the best?
3) Explain how the tapetum lucidum improves night vision.
4) List four adaptions that have improved underwater vision for marine mammals
5) A strange woman walks up to you and yanks a whisker out of your face. In this scenario would it
hurt more if you were a squirrel or a bearded seal? List 2 reasons why.
6) Which order of marine mammals has prehensile whiskers?

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