Student Leadership Interviews 2015-2016


Student Leadership Interviews 2015-2016
Student Leadership Interviews 2015-2016
Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to interview for a
position in Student Leadership for the 2015-2016 school year.
Please sign up for your interview time in the Activities Office (TODAY April 8th- FRIDAY, April 10th).
Interviews will start promptly at 3:00 p.m. and will be a maximum of 15 minutes.
Interviews will be held on the following days in the Activities Office Conference Room.
Class of 2017 (JUNIORS) – Tuesday, April 28th
Class of 2016 (SENIORS) – Wednesday, April 29th
Class of 2018 (SOPHOMORES) – Thursday, April 30th
Class of 2019 (FRESHMEN) – Friday, May 1st
Please do not forget to bring your “WE ARE CT!” poster to your interview.
This poster must not be any larger than a 22x28 poster board.
If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Johnson in room 229.
Seth Bogulski
Emily Bell
Joelle Blankson
Ritika Chopra
Angelica Cassio
Jake Barker
Kam Bodè
Logan Edwards
Mehana Fonseca
Andrew Conner
Suzanne Chang
Esther Eikins
Katie Gaughan
Hannah Edwards
Grant Conner
Marcela Ferradas
Janaye Matthews
Danielle Freels
Ethan Dieringer
Vanessa Garcia
Jazmin Moore
Kylie Jackson
Brenelle Etzel
Morgan Jacobus
Sidney Johnston
Payton Gaer
Alyra Jones
Riley Koontz
Devon Goodwin
Christian Kuhlman
Jessie Lee
Omnia Khan
Christina Leikam
Jaizec Lottie
Zach Mann
Riley Ramirez
Destyny Lowman
Jayda Moore
Morgan Rogers
Cory Manning
Aneri Patel
Sok Ku Mun-Williams
Noelia Rocha-Ortiz
Lauren Partee
Edwin Rose
KJ Sapp
Justin Yates
Drishti Patel
Sarika Trehan
Alex Valenti
Faith Wilson
Vriti Seth
Zariah Smith
Marisa Sodden
Sonoma Williams
Josh Zambrano