Primary GB


Primary GB
30th March 2015
“Dreams is not what you see in sleep,
is the thing which doesn’t
let you sleep”
-A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
A peek into the last fortnight…..
Dear Parent,
We are almost at the end of our academic
year and wrapping up with all our Syllabus,
Activities, Presentations and Annual
events. The year has been full of action
and huge learning. While the teachers are
gearing up for the imminent PTM;
students are all set and eager to move to
the next grade!
The event that has left us all ‘wanting for
more…’ was the Parents’ day event which
was conducted at our KP venue. The
performance by our children and the
cheerful response from the parents to
the same has made us feel proud and
happy. The message “Heal the World’ was
apt as the Musical skit strongly advocated
a sense of responsibility one must adopt
towards the environment and our
surroundings… for this world to live in
harmony we humans need to learn to coexist with all the elements in the nature
Students put up a brilliant show and
the parents gave us their positive
As they say – “With greater power
Let us try and make this world a
wonderful place, dear parents…a
little effort but we can achieve
A glance at the fortnight gone by…
Talent of the Week…
Ishita Pattnaik and Shuchi Kashiwal
of Class IV performed gracefully to
the tunes of Kathak and Kuchipudi
dance respectively..!
Highlights of the Page…
Mark your calendar
Assembly Presentation
Points to Note.
CCA : Things to do…
30th March 2015 : Poster Making Competition.
(Classes 1 to 4)
Inter-House Competition.
Topics given on the same day.
Students to make a poster on a half chart
Students required to bring colour pencils /
crayons and sketch pens for outlining.
Judgement Criteria : Relevance, Use of colours,
Neatness, Creativity and Overall Impact.
Mark Your Calendar….
2nd April 2015 : Last working for Classes 1 to 4 (GB).
3rd April 2015 : Good Friday – Holiday.
4th April 2015 : PTM for Classes 1 to 4 (GB).
24th April 2015 : Last working day for Classes 6 to 12.
11th June 2015 : School reopens.
Assembly Presentation ..
Class 4 presented a short skit on the story of “Oliver
Twist” by Charles Dickens. The story centered on a small
orphan who shaped his destiny by developing a positive
attitude to life and never giving up while facing
hardships. The students conveyed the message through
effective and convincing performances.
The French presentation was conducted where the
French students across classes 1-4 put up a presentation
named ‘arc-en-ciel’ which means Rainbow. The term
indicated that – Life is like a rainbow and it needs both
Rain and Sunshine to make its colours appear..! With
Colours as the theme, Class 1 students wore saches and
dressed up like colourful pencils. They sang and danced to
the tunes of a French song on colours. Class 2 wore masks
of a blue bird and sang the ‘Alouette’ song.
Classes 3 and 4 presented a comic skit based on
different T.V. channels and every program was
entertaining and varied- some sang songs, some showed
games, some showed news and weather forecast and
some showed time of the day..all of which were creatively
enacted in French. The presentation was entertaining and
also insightful packed with energy and humour..!
Points to note…..
● Kindly pay the First Term fee for the next academic year before/on the due day. (Fee
Challans already given).
● Visit school website for latest updates and important information.
● Do ensure that your child is drinking plenty of fluids as it has become very hot.
With Best Wishes,