enrollment application - Chestatee High School


enrollment application - Chestatee High School
2015 High School Summer School
Name:_________________________Student ID:________Date of Birth:_____________
City: Check one. Indicate zip code if your address is GAINESVILLE.
____Gainesville (__________)
____ Flowery Branch 30542
____ Oakwood 30566
____ Murrayville 30654
____ Clermont 30527
____ Lula 30554
____ Braselton 30517
____ Chestnut Mtn. 30502
____ Gillsville 30543
Name of Parent:____________________________ Work Phone:__________________
Home Phone:_______________________ Emergency Phone:______________________
Emergency Contact Person: _______________________________________________
School Enrolled 2014-2015 Year:______________________________________
Are you served in a resource program during the regular school year? ______ (yes or no)
Will you graduate at the end of the summer school program? ______ (yes or no)
Course Desired (Give Specific Name)
Course Title: Grade Level of Course
_________________________________ ____________________________
_________________________________ ____________________________
Early Registration (ends May 27) $175.00
Regular Registration $200.00 ____________________________
No out of county students accepted Counselor’s Signature
Make checks/money orders payable to the high school location of enrollment.
OFFICE USE ONLY Behavior Contract Returned: ________________________
Payment: _____Cash _____Check#________ ____Money Order#____________
Receipt # _______ Amount of Payment $____________
Official’s Signature: ___________________________________________
Summer School Contract for Students and Parents
Summer, 2015
Description: Hall County School District’s high school summer program is provided primarily through
online instruction along with summer school teachers to facilitate student learning. Designed to help
students graduate on time from high school, these online courses are aligned to the state curriculum and
are self-paced. The high school summer school program provides two options for taking courses needed
for high school graduation: credit recovery and initial credit. “Credit recovery” is for students who have
failed one or more courses needed for high school graduation. Maximum grade for a “recovered” credit
course is 70%. “Initial credit” is for students who enroll in a course for the first time and earn a final grade
of 70% or higher. Students seeking initial credit MUST enroll and take classes only at the LCA campus.
Students enrolling in computer-based credit recovery classes earn Level 1 credit only. (See Hall County
High School Student Planning Guide for more information about Level 1 courses.)
All summer school courses are taught through computer-based, online instruction. Students who have an
internet connection may work from home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Students may also work
on courses on campus during the days & hours shown below. Students must take all tests in the
classroom at the school campus. No tests will be available to students at home.
*Note: To complete these courses during the summer, a student MUST be logged on and “active” at least
five hours per day. Students who spend less than five hours per day risk not finishing a course by the end
of the session. No refunds are provided for students who do not complete a class by the end of the
summer session. Students who do not complete these courses will have an opportunity to finish before or
after school when the new school year begins.
NCAA: Credit earned by Edgenuity online instruction is not accepted for core credit by NCAA.
Behavior: Students attending the summer program shall follow all rules in the Hall County Schools Code
of Conduct printed in the high school handbook. (A copy of the handbook is available in the school office
as well as online at www.hallco.org.) Students who choose to work on courses at the school campus are
expected to use the computer labs for instructional purposes only; non-instructional use is prohibited. Any
misuse of computers or other technology will result in immediate removal from the summer program.
Students must display respectful behavior toward the teacher, other students, and the school facility itself.
If any violations of the Code of Conduct occur, a student is subject to immediate removal from the
summer school program. No refunds will be provided.
Attendance: All students must report for the first day of class on June 1st. The computer lab will be
open Monday through Thursday from 9:00 AM – 3:00 PM. Each student will have the opportunity to
work from the computer lab or log on and work from home. All exams and the state’s End-of-Course-Test
(EOCT) will be given at the school computer lab. All Milestones EOCs will be given on June 24th; the
make-up date is June 25th. Remember: To complete a course during the summer, a student should
be logged on and “active” at least five hours per day. Students who spend less than five hours per
day in active learning risk not finishing a course by the end of the session. Students must attend the
session for which they have registered. Two or more absences will result in removal from the
summer school program. No refund will be provided.
Refunds: No refunds will be given after the first day of class.
Behavior Agreement: This agreement must be signed and returned to the school office by Friday, May
29th. Students failing to return the agreement by the deadline will lose computer access and will not be
allowed to continue class on Monday, June 1st.
We have read the above expectations for summer school and agree to abide by the conditions.
___________________________ _____________ __________________________ ___________
Student (Please Print)
Parent Signature