Mina Al-shahed Candidate for President-Elect


Mina Al-shahed Candidate for President-Elect
Mina Al‐shahed Candidate for President‐Elect BIOGRAPHY I’d like to take a minute just sit right there and I’ll tell you how I became the next President Elect of Belair
CHSU. In West Jordan not born, but raised, in Fresno is where I ended up spending most of my days.
OK, so I am not the Fresh Prince (or Princess for that matter) of Belair, Fresno, Clovis or CHSU. But I
would like to be your next president-elect. I moved to Fresno when I was 7; I really did come from
Jordan (though it was Central Jordan). You could say I was a “foreign body” when I moved to Fresno.
But I was accepted by and learned to love the Valley. The question was, what did I love? What did I
have a passion for? The answer, I was fortunate to discover, was helping people. Not to sound cliché,
but it’s true. I learn best when I teach (as evident by my review sessions) and I am happiest when I help
patients. My start in patient care was working at the Madera ER. Three years later I am still thriving,
learning and enjoying helping patients. The Valley has taken care of me and I am eager to take care of
PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE Throughout college I maintained a hectic schedule. I worked as an executive assistant for a computer
consulting company and an addiction remediation website. Then became assistant manager at a local
car stereo store. Spent over 2 years in cancer and stem cell research. Finally, and to this day, worked
as an emergency room scribe. This is to say I work best when busy. I thrive in the pressure of a multitude
of duties. Supporting Mike as president at first and learning from his efforts, I will be ready to lead our
class and school to excellence. As the inaugural class. We have a unique opportunity to shape the
school but our legacy will not merely be this. Instead we have the opportunity to shape the valley. It is
our burden, our duty and our amazing opportunity to forever leave our mark on this community.
CANDIDATE STATEMENT My vision is in-line with the mission of the College: expanding the role of pharmacy with primary care.
Growing up in Jordan, people hardly ever visited their physicians. Instead they turned to their
neighborhood pharmacist for almost all health inquires. I have witnessed this phenomenon and I believe
in it. I am an eager member of the CHSU family, team and student body. I want to help advocate and
advance the exciting opportunities at CHSU- its clinic and the development of primary care curriculum.
I am excited about the opportunity to help shape the academic experience to ensure that the class is
best prepared to act as stewards of the community, giving medical care to those in need. We can help
the community and it’s time that we do.
I am experienced in inter-professional background from working in an ER with the physicians, the
nurses, PA’s, and more. Also, for 2 years I was an active member in a cancer and stem cell research
team. I have participated in multiple community health fairs, and spent a summer with orphans in Jordan
working with refugees. I learned to work as a team with an array of people. Here at CHSU we have
established an amazing sense of community and my goal is for our class to leave this as a legacy for
all future classes, leaving our mark not only in CHSU but in the entire Central Valley.
Mina Al‐shahed Candidate for President‐Elect To help ensure this sense of community as your President Elect, I hope to coordinate more community
events, not just health related but social as well. I want to ensure that the student body is satisfied with
our professors and our curriculum. I want to set up NAPLEX review courses early on in order to drive
the success rates of CHSU students in passing the board. Tutors should be more easily accessible and
I plan to continue my review sessions. And for fun, I would like CHSU to have a yearbook, preserving
our memories. I want to coordinate an Rx Ball (Prom), more trips for CHSU students, and discounts to
events, just as Fresno State students receive. In addition I would like to start up a student store and
help discover our already infamous and soon to be legendary school mascot. I want to guarantee our
professional success and make our experience at CHSU as enjoyable and rich as possible on this road
to success.