2704 West Creek Road Florence, Vt. 05744 Project Update


2704 West Creek Road Florence, Vt. 05744 Project Update
2704 West Creek Road
Florence, Vt. 05744
Project Update – Rutland Regional Airport Runway Safety Area Improvements Phase III
Date: 5/6/2015
The wall construction is continuing along the south end of the airport this week. Normal routine for
what has been happening for the last couple weeks. Trucks will continue to haul in sand and gravels to
the job site along with blocks for the wall construction. Occasionally, a concrete truck is to be expected
as we need it for different scopes of work. Tractor trailer trucks will continue to bring blocks to the
ballfield site. Please be careful on route 7B, since those trucks will be backing into the ballfield location
off of 7B due to current conditions on the site.
Our upper access road is completed that allows us to have truck traffic enter the job site through
Innovation Drive. Currently, truck traffic will continue to enter as it has been on the west end of Gorge
Road. However, they are now exiting through Innovation Drive and then down Route 7B. The wall has
reached a height of 27’ and will be 30’ by the end of the week. Once we build the wall another tier
higher, our access from Gorge Road will become limited and trucks will eventually have to enter and exit
through Innovation Drive.
In the meantime, chloride has been used a couple of times on Gorge Road to help eliminate dust issues
in these dryer days. Due to extra traffic on Innovation Drive, all of that road will receive a 1 ½” to 2”
overlay of pavement. This however will not be until late fall or possibly early next spring depending on
the progress of this project.
Delivery trucks will also be arriving down Innovation Drive as pipe, fabrics and erosion control items are
scheduled for delivery throughout the construction year.

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