CAPTURE Solutions Ltd Company Profile
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CAPTURE Solutions Ltd Company Profile
CAPTURE Solutions Limited is a leading provider of Information and Communication
Technology (ICT) Business Solutions to all sectors of the East African economy. Our focus
revolves around solutions. We mainly address technological challenges affecting corporate
establishments and come up with real solutions so that they can concentrate on their core
CAPTURE Solutions is positioned to give clients turnkey communication solutions. Our mobile
application solutions have come at the right time to allow organizations tap into the mobile
technology at an early stage. Whatever your needs are, you need a partner you can count on to
deliver the best solutions. CAPTURE Solutions is dyed-in-the-wool to this splendid task and can
provide you with the information technology solution to fit your needs. Customer satisfaction is
our core business.
Our business model allows us to stay at the forefront of market trends. This ensures long term
business success as we never get trapped trying to deliver dated or undesirable solutions.
Everyone’s objective in evaluating the purchase of any product/solution in the market should
be to consider the Return on Investment (ROI), and to look for an opportunity that will truly
become an asset for them and perhaps their families; this is CAPTURE Solutions’ philosophy.
Today, CAPTURE SOLUTIONS is among the leading ICT Business solution providers in East Africa.
The company has been able to keep pace with the global Information & Communication
Technology scenario by having strategic business associations. This, coupled with the goodwill
of our directorship and strong management team, keeps us in the lead for others to follow. The
drive is there with the vision of our CEO Mr. Lorenzo Boncompagni, who has numerous IT
experiences around the world for the last 16 years.
OUR VISION – What we want to be.
“To implement solutions for our customers to make their businesses effective and competitive”
OUR MISSION – Why we exist…
We endeavor to make it possible for Small and Medium Enterprises and large Corporations
develop an up to date technology to implement factual, strategic and permanent business
solutions for today and the future.
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CAPTURE Solutions Ltd Company Profile
OUR VALUES - What we believe in….
These values, which are part and parcel of the company's beliefs and convictions from its primary days,
carry on to funnel and drive the business decisions of CAPTURE SOLUTIONS. These are:-
we thrive to deliver our services within timelines on innovation and
originality, encourage risk-taking and divergent voices
Customer Value:
we value our customers, putting their needs and interests at the centre
of everything we do. We create value for the customer and ensure
customer satisfaction
we move quickly, embracing change and seizing new opportunities
we treat one another with respect – creating value by working together
within and across our business functions.
we attract and develop the world’s best talent, seeking to include and
value the broadest range of people, cultures and perspectives. We value
intellectual capability. Every project we commission, no matter how
small, is executed with a high level of quality.
we work to improve our communities, taking pride in serving the public
interest as well as the interests of our shareholders
we earn the trust of our customers by applying high ethical
standards to our business operations.
OUR PEOPLE – This is CAPTURE SOLUTIONS biggest asset…
We have a technical team of more than 15 IT engineers in Kenya and few others in Europe. We
have our admin, finance and sales department who works to make sure all is working perfectly
for our customers and partners.
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CAPTURE Solutions Ltd Company Profile
SalesCAPTURE is our Flagship product and is a solution for any Sales
Force who needs to be correctly managed. The application is able to
create invoices, manage stocks, returns, receivables and van
management. With a very affordable phone such as Huawei Ideos and
our TIII portable printer, we are able to drive sales forces to a level
unthinkable only in a few months. SalesCAPTURE sends information to a Web Server that can
synchronize all the data.
Key Features and Benefits:
Offers mobility to the Sales team just as in the office.
Can print Invoices, Orders, Reports and Receipts on the Fly.
Easy to learn, handle and Train Staff.
User friendly Interface (touch).
Hardware is battery powered and durable.
Managers know what is happening out there with the sales team in realtime.
Controlled Dispatch of stock.
Reporting has been simplified and can be transmitted via the internet.
Reduced Reconciliation Problems.
Simplified Van management.
Reduces Stationery Costs.
Backend interface to update pricing, discounts, customers, credit and so on.
Possibility to retrieve historical information and print it.
GPS information and Route Planning
Manager Version available for pads and TV via android dongle
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CAPTURE Solutions Ltd Company Profile
CAPTURE SOLUTIONS was commissioned by 3G Direct Pay to deliver
mSWIPE mobile payment which provides you with the option to charge your
customer anywhere and anytime, the new app includes all you need to
complete any payment transaction. It’s an easy, fast and secure system
providing the end customer with the freedom to use any card type and any
currency to pay instantly.
CAPTURE SOLUTIONS has integrated this solution within other payment modules in other applications
like SalesCAPTURE.
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The WeightCAPTURE application is used to manage the collection and proper
documentation of the activities involved in processing goods, from the collection
center level to the delivery level in agricultural / manufacturing enterprises.
The goal is to facilitate the user's duty of collecting the weight data with a
Bluetooth enabled scale and sending it real-time to the server and exchanging
information with the warehouse so that the product collected can be processed.
WeightCAPTURE is an ideal tool for manufacturing companies, factories and industries. It is essential for
organizations that deal with their customers from the lower level where raw material is obtained from.
Organizations that require this application include, cooperative societies, milk processing companies,
coffee factories, macadamia nuts companies, tea factories, fruit juice processing factories.
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CAPTURE Solutions Ltd Company Profile
SaccoCAPTURE is an online application that assists in the administration and
operations of standard Savings and Credit Co-operatives. The goal of the system is to
automate SACCO operations and accounts, allowing the co-operative to focus on
investment by easing administration.
The system supports both Mobile and Web platforms, with and Android application to
handle operations and a web system for overall management and summaries.
Co-operatives can now track member recruitment and grouping, where new members can be registered
to the SACCO under different schemes. Additionally, real-time recording and aggregation of collections
is made possible, with printable documentation from the mobile phone. Loan applications at different
rates of interest can be submitted through the system, for review, approval & tracking.
The system also allows for tracking of a number of facilities for the members, such as collective medical
cover (MediCAPTURE) as well as collective real estate investment (Housing).
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Other Solutions
AquaCAPTURE (Billing solution for Water Companies)
mChuo (eLearning application for Universities)
CAPTURE SOLUTIONS provides also other IT Services such as networking solutions, Software
installations and training, custom made programs for specific requirements, IT consultancy, IT
anti-hacking programs. These services are provided through our own personnel or through
partners we have continuous businesses with. Our expertise in this area is unique in this part of
the world.
CAPTURE SOLUTIONS has partnered with both local and world renowned suppliers of
communication products and services with an aim of keeping its customers abreast with the
ever evolving technology. The partners include:
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CAPTURE Solutions Ltd Company Profile
IMS Guru ltd
New Age Information Systems ltd
Kairen (Japan)
3G DIRECT PAY (Ireland/Kenya)
CAPTURE SOLUTIONS continues to focus on pursuing our central value of the total and
consistent satisfaction of the customer, by providing innovative products, solutions and services
and continue to maintain an exceptional leading edge in the provision of world-class
Information and Communication Technology business solutions as well as other vested product
lines. We shall endeavor to maintain and grow our clientele by maintaining good moral
business etiquette while ensuring quality of service to our clients. We shall consistently advice
our clients on new technological advancements and provide solutions that will stand the test of
time as technology changes. Customer satisfaction remains our core business and we are all
bound by this very noble duty.
Thank you! For more information visit our site
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