Class 10 Holiday Home Work - dav public school, rajinder nagar


Class 10 Holiday Home Work - dav public school, rajinder nagar
Class X
Write an Article/skit/interview/advertisement on the given topics for assessment of speaking & listening skill &
submit a printed copy of it.( note; students are given topics according to roll nos& group in the class)
2 Make a colorful brochure giving practical hints about ways to promote girl child education/ tourism- a way to boost
Indian economy/ Yoga – A way of life.
3. “The sky was flooded with black clouds, I repented for my eagerness to read the latest version of Robert Ludlum’s
novel, hoping to get it in the nearby book store. All of a sudden……” Write a short story in A4 sheet. Try to sound scared &
4. Complete Integrated Grammar Practice paper in English work book.
5. Design an esthetic poster depicting love for humanity, Information Technology (Avenues & Opportunities)
6. Learn & Revise all the Chapters taught in the class
प्र1- बाजार में उपलब्ध किसी एि उत्पाद पर चित्र सहित विज्ञापन तैयार िीजजए।
प्र2- भिन्न-भिन्न चित्रों सहित प्रिृतत िे दृश्यों पर एि िोलाज तैयार िीजजए।
प्र3-िक्षा में िरिाए गए पाठों िी पुनरािवृ ि िीजजए।
1 kiva kailadasakojaIvanakapircayadoto hue ]nakIiksaIrcanaako
2 saMskRtvaMdnaayaadkIijae.
1. Prove that square of any positive integer is of the form 4q or 4q+1 for some integer q.
2. If the H.C.F of 210 and 55 is expressible in the form 210*55+55y, find y.
3. If d is the H.C.F of 56 and 72, find x, y satisfying d = 56x + 72y. Also, show that x and y is not unique.
4. Find the largest number which divides 245 and 1029 leaving remainder 5 in each case.
5. Find the largest number that divides 2053 and 967 and leaves a remainder of 5 and 7 respectively.
6. Find the largest positive integer that will divide 398, 436 and 542 leaving remainders 7, 11 and 15
7. Determine the number nearest to 110000 but greater than 100000 which is exactly divisible by each of 8,
15 and 21.
8. Prove that √2 + √5 is irrational.
9. If α and β are the zeroes of the quadratic polynomial f(x) = ax2 + bx +c , then evaluate :
a. α 4 + β 4
b. α 2 / β 2 + β 2 / α 2
10. If α and β are the zeroes of polynomial f(x) = x2 – 5x + k such that α-β =1, find the value of k.
11. If α and β are the zeroes of quadratic polynomial f(x) =2x2 –5x +k, satisfying the relation α2 + β2 + αβ =
21/4, then find the value of k for this to be possible.
12. If the sum of the squares of zeroes of the quadratic polynomial f (x) = x2-8x+k is 40, find the value of k.
13. Find a quadratic polynomial whose zeroes are reciprocal of the zeroes of the polynomial f (x) = ax2 +bx+c,
a ≠0, c≠0.
14. Find the condition that the zeroes of the polynomial f(x) = x3 – px2 +qx –r may be in arithmetic progression.
15. Find the zeroes of the polynomial f(x) = x3 – 5x2 – 16x + 80, if its two zeroes are equal in magnitude but
opposite in sign.
16. Prepare a chart on A4 size sheet or a model or project on topics in your syllabus.
Note : Do the following work in assignment copy
Q1 Read the biography of a popular physicist and write a bio sketch about it
Q 2 Draw the symbols of various electric components and draw a neat and labeled electric circuit diagram .
Q 3 Solve numerical examples of chapter electricity from text book .
Q 4 Solve chapter end exercise .
Q 5 Write short notes on following ----Coulomb’s law , Ohm’s law , Electric potential ,E. Potential difference , Electric current , Series and parallel combination of
resistances .
Q1. A compound ‘X’ is used for drinking, has pH=7. Its acidified solution undergoes decomposition in presence of electricity to
produce gases ‘Y’ and ‘Z’. The volume of ‘Y’ is double than ‘Z’, ‘Y” is highly combustible whereas ‘Z’ is supporter of combustion.
Identify ‘X’ ‘Y’ and ‘Z’ and write the chemical reactions involved.
Q2. Bhawna took a pale green substance ‘A’ in a test tube and heated it on the flame of a burner. A brown colour residue ‘B’
was formed along with evolution of two gases with burning smell of sulphur. Identify ‘A’ and ‘B’. Write the chemical equation
Q3. A student took 2-3 g of a substance ‘X’ in a glass beaker & poured water over it slowly. He observed bubbles along with
hissing noise. The beaker becomes quite hot. Identify ‘X’. What type of reaction is it?
Q4. A student has mixed the solution of Lead (II) nitrate and potassium iodide.
What was the colour of the precipitate formed? Can you name the compound precipitated?
Write the balanced chemical equation for the reaction.
What type of reaction is it?
Q5. A student burnt a metal ‘A’ found in the form of ribbon. The ribbon burnt with a dazzling flame and a white powder ‘B’ is
formed which is basic in nature. Identify ‘A’ and ‘B’. Write the balanced chemical equation.
Q6. Astha has been collecting silver coins & copper coins. One day she observed a black coating on silver coins and green
coating on copper coins. Which chemical phenomenon is responsible for these coatings? Write the chemical name for the
Black and Green coatings? ’.
Q7. Write the 10 chemical equations from chapter-1(Chemical Reactions & Equations)?
Q8.Do question answers of chapter 1 ie chemical reactions and equations in chemistry note book.
Assignment –To be done on A4 size sheets
(A) HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILL QUESTIONSQ(1) "The food coming from the stomach is acidic and has to be made alkaline for the
pancreatic enzymes to act."
(a) Name the juice that accomplishes this.
(b) Give some other function of this juice.
Q(2) Herbivores have a longer small intestine whereas carnivores have a shorter small intestine. Give reason.
Q(3) After a vigorous exercise , you may experience cramps in your leg muscles.Why does this happens?
(B) Multiple Choice QuestionsQ1)Which is the site of the complete digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats(A) Large intestine(B)Small intestine (C) stomach(D) Oesophagus
Q2) In Human digestive system, Bile is secreted by(A) Pancreas(B) Kidney (C ) Stomach (D) Liver.
Q3) In humans,digestion of proteins start in(A) Mouth (B) Stomach (C) Food pipe (D) Small intestine
(C ) Give one word for the following(a) We are biocatalysts and we enhance the rate of metabolic activities.
(b) I am secreted from the walls of the stomach. I kill all the harmful germs present in the food and help my friend pepsin to
Note: Compulsory for all students (10 marks)
Please make an investigatory project from any one of the following:
Physics, Chemistry or Biology curriculum
 Make a Project on the following topic – NATIONALISM IN INDIA
It should be developed and presented in this order Cover page showing project title,student information ,school and year
 List of contents with page numbers/Index
 Acknowledgements
 Project Overview : Introduction, Purpose, Aim, Event based analysis, Methodology
 Relevant Headings, well labelled pictures and images of the events & timelines
 Conclusion
 Bibliography
NOTE – It should be submitted in a neatly bound folder/File
Read the next chapter of Civics i.e Federalism and develop a basic understanding of the same.
 Complete all the maps & diagrams from the scheduled chapters of term 1 in Economics and Geography in a scrap
 Prepare projects as per the directions given to you in class according to your respective roll nos. in separate files as
per the directions from CBSE.
 Learn all the questions and answers completed in classroom
Make a project on preparedness of India keeping in view the recent disastrous Earthquake with the epicentre in
Nepal depicting it through the use of relevant pictures
 Preparation of Project:
1.The total length of the project report will not be more than 15 written pages of foolscap size (A-4 size)
2. The project report will be handwritten and credit will be awarded to original drawings, illustrations and creative
use of materials.
3. The project report will be presented in a
neatly bound simple folder.
4. The project report will be developed and
presented in this order : Cover page showing project title, student information, school and year
 List of contents with page numbers.
 Acknowledgements (acknowledging the institution, offices and libraries visited and persons who have helped).
 Project Overview: Aim, Causes, Location 0f Epicentre, Impacts, Relief and Recovery, preparatory measures.
 Chapters with relevant headings.
 Bibliography: should have the Title, pages referred, author, publisher, year of publication and if a website the name
of the website with the specific website link which has been used.
Create a Power Point Presentation on the Disasters like Earthquake, Floods etc. (Minimum 10 slides)