Dear children,
The Summer Vacation is often taken as synonymous with fun and
frolics, getting up late in the morning, playing for longer hours with friends,
going on trips and watching fun-filled shows on television. But dear children,
there are a lot of things that you can do to make your vacation more
interesting and meaningful, along with doing all these fun and frolics. Here is
a “Summer Vacation Activity Treasure Box” for you which will mould you
for a better and successful forthcoming year. So, set out to hunt your Activity
Treasure Box now.
A few guidelines for your parents to make your long Summer break fruitful.
1. “ Knowledge is Power”. Therefore, encourage your child to cultivate
reading habit because it enhances the knowledge acquired as well as
develops the vocabulary, language skills and improves spellings.
2. “ A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. So, encourage your child to
play outdoor games because sports instill discipline, generate sporting
spirits and channelize energy constructively. Also encourage him/her to
play board games as chess, Ludo, Carrom, etc.
3. “ Communication- the human connection – is the key to personal and
career success”. Therefore, converse with your child preferably in English
to help him/ her get comfortable with the language. Also encourage your
child to read children‟s magazines and story books.
4. Spend quality time with your child engaging him/ her in activities based on
enhancing his/her powers of observation and imagination.
5. Sensitize your child about the rich culture and heritage by watching
different informative channels like „ The National Geographic‟, „Animal
Planet‟, etc.
6. Encourage your child to do the activities himself /herself and fix a specific
time to do homework everyday.
1. From the paragraph given below pick out the words which belong to the
following categories –
a) Noun b) Pronoun c) Adjective d) Verb e) Adverb f) Preposition
g) Conjunction h) interjection
Values, now-a-days, are becoming much more than just what you believe
and how you act and interact socially. Values back in the 1950‟s were
much more set in stone, especially throughout families. If your parents
believed in being honorable and respectful, you automatically would have
those values growing up, mainly because I feel like parents back then were
much stronger with how they wanted their children behaving socially. It
just seemed like there was more of a “You better represent me well” type
attitude back then. However I do not believe that today, things are
amazingly different, there are just a few more cases now of kids who even
with some of the respectful and honorable parents, end up believing their
own values and what they think is acceptable and right.
-2How We Choose Our Values has a lot of great examples of how people
come to their values today. Just like I was saying about how kids today can
turn out much differently than their parents, in this article it talks about
how people come to choosing their values and how their values can be
based on people‟s surrounding even if it is not fully truthful. People come
to their values by what is around them instead of what is inside them and
how they truly feel. Just graduating high school less than a year ago that
can not be more true with how people act and behave around each other.
There would be times at school where kids would walk around school not
really caring about bumping into people or littering, simply trying to fit in
with crowds and be accepted. Although the same kids outside of school
would have completely different values and instead of littering, they would
go out of their way to throw their trash away because those kids aren‟t in a
situation of trying to impress anyone or try to fit in with anyone, so their
true values are shown.
You have enjoyed reading the poem „The Frog and the Nightingale‟. How
about getting a little imaginative:
Imagine you were the frog and make a colourful poster for the elite
creatures to attend a concert to be held. Create all facts to make an
informative poster. ( on an A4 sheet )
Read the book “The Diary of a Young Girl‟ and write a book review, in a
scrap book, write about the author, contents, synopsis of story and your
favorite character and do a critical analysis of the story. Give your work
an attractive book cover . ( the book cover should be an output of your
4. Attempt the following questions from the practice book ( evergreen ) in
your notebook –( Pull out sheets )
1) Pg No. 35 Q.No. 3 ( Diary entry )
2) Pg No. 41 Q.No. 1 ( Article writing )
3) Pg. No. 49 Q.No. 1 ( Story writing )
4) Pg. No. 55 Q.No. A & B) ( Grammar )
5) Pg. No. 63 Test Assignment 9 ( Grammar )
6) Pg. No. 81 Test Assignment 13 ( Grammar )
7) Pg. No. 87 Test Assignment 15 ( Grammar )
8) Pg. No. 93 Test Assignment 17 ( Grammar )
Your school is going to be closed for the Summer Vacation. Write a letter
to your friend describing how you plan to spend your Summer Vacation.
Write a letter to your father describing at least two historical places you
visited during the Summer Vacation.
Write a letter to your father for Rs. 500/- as you live in the hostel and you
have been exhausted with your money.
Given below is a list of five people who you should show respect to. List
three ways you can show respect towards each of them.
Sl.No. People who you respect
ways to show Respect
Younger brother / Sister
1. Let p be a prime umber . Show that if p divides a2, the p divides a, Where
a is positive integer.
2. Prove that / p + / q is irrational, when p and q are prime umbers.
3. Prove that x and y are both odd positive integers, then x2 + y2 is even but
not divisible by 4.
4. If a and b are two odd positive integers such that a > b, then prove that
one of the two numbers a+b and a-b is odd and the other is even.
5. Find the HCF of 2 , 3 and 4.
6. If the polynomial x4-6x3+16x2-25x+10 is divided by another polynomial
x2-2x + K the remainder comes out to be x+a. Find the value of K and A.
7. Find the zeroes of the polynomial ax2 + bx + c.
8. If the zeroes of x2 – lx + m differ by 1. Show that l2 = 4m + 1.
9. If x and b are the zeroes of polynomial p(x) =x2 + x + 1. Find the value
of x2 + b2
10. If the zeroes of the polynomial x3-3x2 + x + 1. Find its Zeroes.
11. Find the zeroes of the quadratic polynomial f(x)=abx2++(b2-ac) x –bc and
verify the relationship between zeroes and coefficient.
12. If ( x – x ) is a factor of polynomial f(x) = x3-mx2 – 2nax + na2 then show
that x = m+n and a = 0
13. Discuss all the cases when the graph of y = ax2 + bx + c, ( a = 0 ) is plotted.
14. If d is the HCF of 63 and 81, find x and y satisfying d = 63a + 81y. Also
show that x and y are not unique.
15. State “Euclid‟s division lemma” and “ Fundamental theorem of arithmetic”.
16. Write the names and their contribution to mathematics by at least five great
17. To verify the identity (a+b)3=a3+b3+3a2b +3ab2 geometrically by using sets of
unit cubes.
1. List the name of all household electrical devices and write its specification like :a) amount of current consumption.
b) The voltage at which it works and
c) The electrical energy which it consumes in a month.
Also prepare a rough figure of your electric bill.
2. List the name of all common substances which we use in our daily life as food
ingredients and for cleansing purpose. Also write the chemical name or chief
chemical ingredients of these common substances.
-43. Do an activity to show that the photosynthesis is carried out in presence of
a) Sunlight
b) CO2 and
c) H2O
4. Draw the diagram of heart on a chart paper showing all its parts.
5. Write all possible type of chemical reactions with at least two examples of each.
6. There is a list of animals and the inventions they exemplify. Match the animal
with the invention.
a) armadillo
(1) anesthetic
b) chameleon
(2) suction cup
c) Squid
(3) camouflage
d) Snake
(4) tank
e) abalone
(5) jet propulsion.
So. Science
1. Write the answer to all questions ( including those related to the map ) given
in the first two chapters each from History and Geography of the book.
Academic Map work in Social Science.
2. Make a list of 10 famous persons ( who are no more in this world ) belonging
to any field and any country have done something novel their field. Choose
any two out of them whom you wish were alive giving reasons for your
3. What is Market ? Differentiate between weekly market and mall ( market )
4. Prepare a project work on tsunami in the following formet
- causes and impact
What to do during tsunami
5. Draw on outline map of India on a chart paper and show all its states and
their capital.
6. Write your own views on the quotation of Mahatma Gandhi, about resource
conservation. “These is enough for everybody‟s need and not for anybody‟s
7. “Natural calamities adversely affect the development of a country”. Explain
this with the example of our neighbouring country „Nepal‟.
1. Draw the figure of Microsoft Internet Explorer and indicate its various
components on a Chart paper.