Building a premiere vacation marketplace



Building a premiere vacation marketplace
Building a premiere
vacation marketplace
All bases covered:
from product strategy to branding
Studio was asked to help make
To build the premiere vacation
marketplace from scratch, we needed
to cover all our bases. Relying on our
deep knowledge of best practices,
we tackled everything from product
strategy and Web application design
to the crafting of the site’s brand and
the resulting visual identity and logo.
that site—called Viscape, which
Crafting a visual identity and logo
stands for “visual escape”—
Since Viscape was a new brand,
Hot needed to design a site that would
attract and retain users with a fun
personality while at the same time
differentiating it from established
competitors. Our designers expressed
Viscape’s “playful traveler” brand
with seasonal colors, a hand-drawn
illustration style, and beautiful
photographs of global destinations.
It started with the vision of a
state-of-the-art website that would
allow vacationers to find, buy,
sell, and rent the perfect vacation
property within minutes. Hot
a reality.
“Working with Hot got us crystal clear on
our branding, messaging and mission.
We couldn’t have done this without them!
They’re really terrific!”
Caroline Allison
Founder and President, Viscape
Making a dream into reality
The new site allows users to find and
manage rental properties around
the world, rate destinations and
properties, plan trips together, share
photos, get recommendations, and
ask questions within the community.
The site evokes the ease of vacation,
so planning and researching are
fun. The site’s experience reflects
Viscape’s brand and captures the
vision of its founder and president.