Video GameMercials


Video GameMercials
 Star3DMe gets People watching commercials again,
 by making their friends the stars of Personalized
Your branded characters
or artwork can be used
as the Ad-Vatars in the
Mall Pilot Study
 Thousands watched
 People shared
 People told others about it
People even waited on lines to play again
The advergaming 1.0 model of value = brand value x 1 person
GameMercials where value = brand value x N people
N people are comprised of
+ Spectators
+ Social networks
= Cost effective
Games Bundle
People asked us if they can buy the games bundle because:
 It runs on a PC with Windows 7
 Is playable on both LCD and HDTV screens - so you don’t need the
expensive TV
Results are posted to encourage engagement
Friends can change the gameplay and compete against the star
About Kenny
(Founder & CEO)
MA Communications New York Institute of Technology. Wrote, Directed,
Produced Film & TV
Why did you move to Israel?
I got paid, sometimes, to creatively mix new technologies into businesses:
 iTV
 Cross Platform Gaming
 Digital Signage
 In-game ads
 Cloud computing
 3D animation etc...
Cofounded the first company to make people
the stars of music videos in:
 Amusement parks
 Night clubs & Events
These experiences prepared me to create
 “90% of all prime time TV viewers do NOT watch commercials“
 “The tween segment (8-12) is growing to 23 million”
 “Tweens playing games for 78 minutes per month”
 “Arcades have gone out of style"
 “Malls have become a combination shopping/entertainment

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