service branding



service branding
and the Extraordinary World of Ordinary
•  When we talk about experience, what are we talking
•  What about these?
•  Extraordinary Experiences
•  Leisure
•  Experience as a product
•  Environment and activities
•  Ordinary Experiences
•  Everyday life
•  Experience as quality
•  Service interactions
•  Kahneman
•  Lived Experience
•  Remembered Experience
•  Definitions
•  Experience as the interaction
•  Lived Experience
•  Experience Economy
•  Experience as the outcome
•  Remembered experience
•  S-O-R
•  Stimulus – Organism – Response
•  Sandström’s “situational filter”
•  Controlling the experience
•  Cannot control the remembered experience
•  Influence the lived experience by controlling its settings
•  Who defines the experience?
•  Let’s create the perfect ‘name_of_the_brand’ experience… but,…
what’s the ‘name_of_the_brand’ experience anyways?
•  > Service Branding <
•  Branding definitions
•  Formulate the brand
•  Make the brand alive
Why Service Branding?
•  ‘Marketing’ actions makes the brand alive
•  Traditional Marketing way
•  Service Dominant Logic way
•  Reinforce the importance of the services interactions in
delivering the brand.
Service Branding in Action
•  Operationalizing Service Branding
•  Brandslation, Brand Experience Manual and my PhD
•  Branding vs. Customer Experience
Service Branding in Action
•  NSD teams & the Design of Service Experiences
Interaction (Brand) Experience
Proposed (Brand) Experience
(Customer based Brand Strategy)
Actual (Brand) Experience
Brandslation Process
•  Research by Design
•  2013: Iterations with Posten, Bring and Telenor
•  2014: djuice
•  Two steps:
•  Collecting data
•  Data synthesis
Brandslation Process
•  Data collection
•  Workshop with long-term customers
•  Brand Image focus
•  Workshop with new customers
•  Experience Focus
•  Workshop with employees
•  Service systems focus
•  Meeting with the management
•  Business focus
Brandslation Process
•  Data synthesis
•  Defining the Service Personality
•  The core and beginning
•  Assessing the Service Personality with the Customers
•  Assessment of resonance with customers
•  The Management Perspective of the Service Personality
•  Developing Design Principles
•  Final Retouches
•  Refinements
The Brand Experience Manual
•  The Service Personality is the core of the manual;
•  it defines “whom” the customer is interacting with and the
relationship between the brand and the customer
•  Design Principles are the “hows and whats” of the service
•  a set of guidelines that help the New Service Development team
and the “Tone of Voice”
•  Moments are examples;
•  how would the Customer Journey be if all the principles were
•  To be effective, the manual must be used.
•  Erik Abbing suggested that maybe a set of tools for a workshop
would be a more effective way of communicating it.
•  Design Principles were much more a “what the brand
should do” than a “how”
•  Daniel Grönquist suggested a better organization of the elements,
the role of the tone-of-voice is much bigger than it’s space in the
manual suggests.
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