Branding- How a brand can become memorable



Branding- How a brand can become memorable
Branding- How a brand can become memorable
The first time when I understood what branding means, was many years ago when I was in the general
school and I step into a beauty store in one of the biggest mall in Cluj-Napoca. The huge showcase was
decorated with beautiful vintage flower stickers, the logo of the company was placed in the middle,
made using classic burgundy fonts, the awesome interior that gave me the feeling of a `20’s boutique
with a modern touch, the packaging of the products were nicely ordered by category, the smell that
completed the atmosphere of the shop, the music that played in the background that seemed to be
choose by a psychologist specialized in the behavior of the consumer, a mix of chill and cafe de Paris, all
was perfectly matched in a way that the brand stayed in my mind for many years as the coolest beauty
store I’ve ever seen. I ‘we imagined the store for years, and my mind reviewed every object in the store,
and the way everything was from the same picture.
After a long time of fascination for that brand I understood that the responsible one for the image that
my mind created for that store was the branding!
There are tens or thousands of articles about branding and brand building methods but I would
highlight the fact that branding means not just a mix between a company’s identity, but also how
authentic is the company between others that deliver the same value. The fact that years I ‘we relive
the moment when I step into that awesome store in Cluj-Napoca, demonstrates that, at least at the
psychological level, the branding of that beauty store, has achieved its purpose: to be memorable.
If I could use just a few words to describe branding and the importance of branding, those words would
be: Authenticity and Memorability.
An authentic brand is the one that is real, true and genuine. It has that precious element coming from
uniqueness. The aspects of branding includes the ability of a company/business/brand to identify with
an idea, a goal, a color pallet or a conviction
The branding of a company starts, firs of all, with a clarified identity because this one is closely related
to the performance of the brand. In 2017 is necessary to stand out using that element that makes you
unique, exactly like the beauty store I told you about in the first sentences. This is important because of
the context in which modern society tends towards uniformity. I say this because I saw that everything
that surrounds us tends to follow a pattern, a “recipe “.
We live in a world that has a free market where companies starts to understand that the most valuable
active they have is the brand. Besides the fact that branding is the personality of a business, it helps you
Be recognize by the consumers
Place in their mind your identity, values and your culture
Attract clients that matches you and make them loyal
Easily introduce new products on the market
Attract new potentially valuable employers for your business, sharing the same ideas and
The branding of a company is what people are thinking about your business, in other words, what
they are speaking about your brand when you are not around.
Branding has to start first and foremost at awareness level as an important action for your business and
then to continue with the creation of a story, logo or slogan. All of this will flow naturally if you know the
most important 4 questions: Who we are? What are we doing? How are we doing? Why are we doing?
The goals of any company adopting branding as a long-term strategy need not necessarily to be daring
but must meet at least 3 important conditions:
To know very clear what is your brand
Your clients to be loyal to your brand and the value you bring on the market
Your employers to believe and identify with your brand
Psychologically, the branding process is not the easiest thing to do and it requires lots of introspection,
observations and engagement. This means that you have to analyze all the aspects of your business
and try to formulate a single idea that will focus everything you want to say about your business.
Here came in the action the brand promise that gives you more questions to answer: In what thing do
you believe the most? What problems does your business solve for your customers?
To find the answers to this questions is not easy but you can be sure that you found the brand promise
when, hearing an idea, out of the context, immediately reminds you of your brand.
From that moment, when you find an affirmation you believe in, be ready to develop it and use it in
every aspects of the communication and visual identity of your brand. As much as you develop the idea
that matches your brand, with that much you can discover more about it and you become capable to
develop, from now on, a story. This is the brand identity definition.
On the way, you will find out that your brand identity starts to have a shape, an accessible one,
understandable for you and your customers. After you choose the brand identity, the branding
strategy, the logo and other important elements, is mandatory to give a copy of your branding
documents to the person in charge with social media/ copywriting. Or better, get in touch with a
marketing and branding agency like Vandy Vision, which make Creative Artwork to Boost, Beautify and
Digitalize your Brand & Business through Design, Strategy and Technology. They will make your brand
memorable, like the beauty store that stayed in my mind for years.

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