Floss Flower - Arizona


Floss Flower - Arizona
Floss Flower
Flor de huechepo
Type and Size
Ageratum corymbosum
Shrub to 3’ tall x 3’ wide
Water Needs
Sunlight Needs
Sun or Filtered Shade
Flower Color
Flower Season
Spring and Fall
Butterflies, Bees
Sonora & Chihuahua, Mexico to
Central America
© 2005 Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
Natural Habitat and Special Adaptations
* Natural habitat is on slopes and forest floor of
oak forest and pine-oak forest from 1200’-6000’
* Flowers grow in a tight cluster that makes a good
landing pad for butterflies.
* Recovers quickly in the spring
from any winter frost damage.
* Dead-head spent flowers to
promote more flowering.
* Provides cover for insects, lizards and quail.
* Flowers provide queen butterflies with a chemical
ingredient that allows them to attract females
during mating season.
Human and Landscape Uses
* An excellent butterfly attracting plant for garden
or container use.
* Blooms best in full sun.
Seasonal Changes
Ecological Interactions
Temperature Extremes
* Suffers frost damage at 30°F
(-1ºC ) and below.
Soil Needs
* Grows in almost any type of soil.
* Fertilize occasionally from spring
through early fall.
Special Care
* After flowering is past,
prune plant back to about 6
inches tall, and new growth
will begin. This may be
necessary 2-3 times per

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