Our Tuition Rates and Schedule The Hand In Hand



Our Tuition Rates and Schedule The Hand In Hand
“ Hand In Hand exposes our child to a
world of opportunity she would not get
somewhere else.”
The Hand In Hand Difference
¥ Integrated environment
¥ Inclusion fosters learning and sharing among
children of all abilities
¥ Highly trained special education and early
childhood staff
¥ Curriculum encourages learning through play
¥ Qualified medical staff
¥ Sign language fosters communication
¥ Full range of developmental activities encourages
special skills
¥ Full-time hours ideal for working parents
¥ Easily accessible, 6,000 sq ft facility equipped
for special services
¥ Bright, cheerful and secure environment
Our Tuition Rates and Schedule
Hand In Hand Children s Center is open year round, Monday through Friday. We offer flexible, full-day options,
including 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, 4-day and 5-day schedules. A special, after school program is available 5-days a week
for qualified children.
Our tuition rates reflect the value we place on our team of excellent professionals as well as our focus on
individualized attention. A four-week, non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a space and used as payment
for the last four weeks of care. For more information regarding tuition rates, please call 781-702-6591.
462 Walpole Street
Norwood, MA 02061
Ph: 781-702-6591
Fax: 781-702-6594
“There is no doubt my daughter will be more
prepared for kindergarten than she would
have been without going to Hand in Hand.”
When You Can t Be There,
Hand In Hand Meets Every Child s Special Needs
A play mate. A new language. A shoulder to rest on. Help with a spoon or medication.When you can t be there, you want more than
just a place to leave your child. You want a place where your child s physical, emotional and cognitive needs are met in a caring and
knowledgeable manner, no matter how complex. ¥ Hand In Hand Children s Center is a unique program for children ages 1 month to
5 years that combines daycare, play and education in a warm and integrated setting.We focus on providing individualized care to all
children in a fun and secure environment that fosters learning, sharing and acceptance among children of all abilities. At Hand in Hand,
special children of all abilities reach their full potential, and parents are assured that their children are safe and happy.
Our Professionals
Hand In Hand is staffed by highly trained and experienced professionals in early childhood education, special education, therapeutic
services and pediatric medicine. For the health and safety of our special needs students, our staff nurses are qualified to administer
medications, treatments and emergency care. ¥ The Hand In Hand team is led by Center Director and Founder, Heather Gay,
a Masters-certified elementary and intensive special needs teacher with over sixteen years of experience in special education.
Certified as a lead teacher for infants, toddlers and preschool age children, Heather is intimately involved with day-to-day program
development and guides the Hand In Hand mission to help children of all abilities achieve their highest potential.
Discover How Care and Enrichment Go Hand In Hand
Our Approach
At Hand In Hand, we know that a child s social and educational development is best nurtured
through play, discovery, positive reinforcement and, in a special way, interaction with children
of all ages and abilities. ¥ All children from infants through preschoolers participate in our
thoughtfully-planned curriculum that balances free play, age-appropriate education and hands-on
creative activities such as music, cooking, arts & crafts, and dramatic play. To encourage
communication, all children learn sign language. And our cheerful, brightly-colored classrooms are
organized by age group to focus on themes of interest to infants, toddlers and preschoolers.
See What Makes Us So Special
Because choosing a child care provider is one of the most important decisions you
will make as a parent, we encourage you to visit Hand In Hand, and see for yourself
what makes us so unique.
Our Facility
Hand In Hand is conveniently located on
Rt. 1A in Norwood. Our easily-accessible,
6,000 square foot facility is ideally suited
for children with special needs and
includes a large parking lot and enclosed
outdoor play area. Spacious and secure,
the center provides room to expand the
specialized services we ve successfully
provided since 2002.
462 Walpole Street
Norwood, MA 02061
Ph: 781-702-6591
Fax: 781-702-6594
Tuition and schedule information
are located on back.
“My husband and I
both agreed – this is the way
the world is, you need to be
accepting of other people.”
“My son doesn’t even
notice people with other abilities.
It is natural to him.”