Lewiston Auburn Economic Growth Council The LA Economic


Lewiston Auburn Economic Growth Council The LA Economic
Lewiston Auburn Economic Growth Council
The LA Economic Growth Strategy
Community Meetings
LAEGC is holding a series of community meetings to gather citizen, business, and employer input on a
renewed Economic Growth Strategy for LA. The Strategy will help chart how we as a greater community
continue to work and grow a sustainable and diverse economy for LA.
At the first of these meetings, held March 31, the participants finalized a Vision for the LA Economic
Growth Strategy. We also identified a number of community assets and those that we might consider
our “competitive advantage” over other places in the world all competing for economic growth. Visit
www.economicgrowth.org to follow the development of the Strategy.
Following the three themes of the Strategy; People, Place, Prosperity, please consider participating in
the following meetings where we will explore the next level of detail for the Strategy.
In partnership with USMLAC, we are participating in a dialogue regarding “People”--Diversity, Higher
Education, and Economic Development. Space is limited, contact email The Druker Office of Community
Engagement at [email protected] or call 207-753-6547
Bringing Spring to the Demographic Winter: Diversity, Higher Education and Economic Development
April 14, 2015, USMLAC Room 170; 5:30-7:30 PM
In association with the Build Maine 2015 Conference, we will explore how we continue to build LA as
“Place” for creative, innovative, and successful business. Visit www.build-maine.com for more
information on the Conference. We will hold an LA focus workshop at the conclusion of the Conference
on May 21.
Build Maine 2015; May 20 & 21, Bates Mill Complex
Building Place in LA
We will be discussing Prosperity—How we facilitate expansion for our existing businesses and attract
new business and investment.
Expanding Existing Business & Attracting New Business and Investment to LA
A Dialogue with our Business Leaders
May 27, AL Airport Conference Room; 5:30-7:00
And, with the support of the University of Maine System and in collaboration with USMLAC, we will
discuss some of the details of the Strategy and celebrate Community Engagement.
USMLAC Community Engagement Celebration and Workshop
May 26, 2015, 4:00-7:00

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