Persuasive Essay


Persuasive Essay
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Persuasive Essay
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Suppose that your school has raised some money and your principal is trying
to decide how to use it. Think of one way that you think the money should be
spent. Write to convince your principal to spend the money in the way you
think is best.
Congratulations on all the money you have raised! Here is an excellent
way for you to spend it. I think we should go on more field trips. Such
activities would make school more stimulating for everyone, including
teachers. Let me explain why.
First, kids learn more when they go to the source and learn about a
place, a person, or how something works. Kids in science class could go
to a research lab and see exactly what research chemists do. Maybe
the chemists could help kids do an experiment. Kids in social studies
class could visit the Metropolitan Museum and see actual mummies and
Roman armor. Although reading about these things is okay, seeing them
for real can be thrilling.
Another reason for spending money on field trips is that field trips
interrupt the routine of school life. We spend a lot of time sitting down
and working with books, pencils, and papers. This happens day after day.
A field trip gets us out of the classroom and lets us experience the
larger world. When we come back the next day, we have more energy.
It’s easier to pay attention.
Field trips are definitely not a waste of time. After a field trip, we
have not only learned exciting information, we are also eager to dig into
our studies again. It’s fascinating to read about something you’ve actually
seen or experienced.
Third, field trips aren’t just a gold mine of knowledge for students.
On such days, the teachers get a change in routine. The guide at the
museum does the talking, and teachers get a break. The chemist in the
lab demonstrates the experiment. Sometimes even the teacher learns
something new on a field trip. Mr. Pietrowski, you can rent buses with
cushioned seats for teachers. Without doubt, teachers will really enjoy
these days.
Grade 6
Blackline Master
ark Paper : Persuasive
Score 4
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These are just a few of the reasons why we need more field trips.
Now that we have the money, let’s make it happen! Think of everything
the students could learn about science, geography, history, art, and
careers. Think of how much happier and more involved with learning
everyone would be. Your students and teachers will thank you if you
spend the money in this way.
Blackline Master
Grade 6