R-Bus Easy Read - Bracknell Forest Council


R-Bus Easy Read - Bracknell Forest Council
(From 2 May 2016)
What is the R-Bus?
The R-Bus picks you up from
your home.
It takes you to places you
want to go to.
You can go wherever you want
in the Bracknell Forest area.
If you want to go futher away, the
R-Bus will try to help if they can.
Where can I go with the R-Bus?
You can go to places like the
Bracknell Leisure Centre.
You can go to Bracknell &
Wokingham College.
You can go to South Hill Park.
Or you can go to Bracknell Town
The R-Bus can also take you to
work or college.
The R-Bus can take you to meet
friends or to activities.
When does the R-Bus run?
The R-Bus runs on Mondays,
Tuesdays, Wednesdays,
Thursdays and Fridays.
It starts at 9 o’clock in the morning.
It stops at 10 o’clock at night.
It does not run on weekends or
bank holidays.
How do I buy trips on the R-Bus?
You can buy 10 trips or more at a
time. The trips are put onto your
e+ card (if you don’t have one you
will need to get one). You won’t
need to show your e+ card when
you go on the R-Bus.
People in the Transport Team will
make sure that they keep a record
of the journeys that you do. They
will remind you when you need to
buy more trips. If you want to know
how many trips you have left, you
can ask the Transport Team.
Remember that we need to have
your booking or your cancellation
by 3pm the day before you want to
travel (or by 3pm on a Friday if you
want to travel on a Monday).
It is very important that you cancel
journeys if you don’t want to travel
anymore. If you don’t, you will
be charged for a trip as the
Transport Team will not know that
you have not travelled.
The cost of a trip is still £2.
You can buy trips at Time Square
from Customer Services.
You can also buy trips on the
phone if you call the Transport
You can’t buy trips at
Bracknell Leisure Centre from 2
May 2016.
You can also buy trips online at
How do I book a R-Bus trip?
Book your trip before 3.00 pm on
the day before you want to travel.
Call the Transport Team on
01344 352002.
Or write an e-mail to
[email protected].
Escorts and carers travel for free
on the R-Bus. Please tell us if your
escort or carer is travelling with
Good Behaviour Before entering the R-Bus:
Be ready when the R-Bus arrives.
Only service dogs are allowed.
On the R-Bus:
Sit down and fasten your seat belt.
Listen to the driver.
Respect other passengers.
Do not use bad language.
Leaving the R-Bus:
Take all your belongings with you.
Wait until the R-Bus stops. Be careful when leaving the R-Bus.
Things you should not do
Do not eat or drink on the R-Bus.
Do not smoke.