Registration Form - The English Language Center, Tunghai University


Registration Form - The English Language Center, Tunghai University
2015 English Language Center Poster Contest
Tunghai’s 60th Anniversary Celebration
Registration Form
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Contest Rules:
1. This contest is open to current Tunghai University students only.
2. Groups may be composed of one or more people, however each person may only be part of one group.
3. Each group may enter only one poster into competition.
4. Prize money (if any) will be awarded per registered group and not per person. (Group members must split any
prize money that may be received by the group.)
5. Maximum poster size allowed is: 45 cm wide X 60 cm tall.
6. The themed purpose of the poster must be to creatively celebrate the founding of Tunghai University in
November 1955.
7. Only English may be used in the poster’s content.
8. No profane, violent, or sexual words, images, or suggestions may be included on the poster.
 Groups must register their members in the ELC office (LAN 106) by 5:00 PM on May 22, 2015.
 Finished posters must be submitted to the ELC office (LAN 106) by 5:00 PM on May 29, 2015.
 Posters will be on public display in the hallway outside of LAN 106 during the judging period from June 1
through June 5, 2015.
Judging Criteria:
1. The judging panel will award points to each poster in the following categories. These points will then be
compiled to determine the final ranking of posters from 1st through 9th place:
 Creativity of Concept (10 points)
 Artistic Presentation (10 points)
 Use of English with regard to: accuracy, completeness and clarity (10 points)
 Inclusion of Tunghai University historical facts and elements (10 points)
2. One additional prize called the Facebook Fan Favorite will also be awarded. During the display and judging
week, the English Language Center Facebook webpage will host a public vote for favorite poster. The poster
with the most Facebook votes will win the Facebook Fan Favorite award.
1st Place = NT 1,500
2nd Place through 9th Place = NT 1,000
Facebook Fan Favorite = NT 1,000