USB Flash Drive Session Review Checklist


USB Flash Drive Session Review Checklist
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Evancom® Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Seminar Series
Session Review Checklist
These are just some considerations and things to be aware of when establishing policy and procedures for company USB
drive use and management. The actual elements to be adopted depend on your own specific situation and practicality.
Device Based File and Data Protection Available
Write protect (switch).
Device manufacturers security “drive access” software password protection.
File and Document Protection
Password protect documents/files when saved (a feature provided by the specific software package/app
USB Drive Features
Lanyard / Tail Trail
Attach to the USB, not the cap/cover.
Bright colours so they can always be easily spotted and found on any carpet, dimly lit room, service
yards, under desks, or on a cluttered table surface (black and silver is too difficult to notice).
The USB Drive Itself
Simple, sleek, narrow, with lanyard attachment to the USB, not the cap.
No fancy or cute gimmicks or novelty features – you have two narrow USB ports on your computer, the
cute novelty ones like cars, or bulky shapes when inserted into one USB port will often block the other
from being used.
Use a bright colour USB drive if possible to make it easily visible in any environment (office, factory,
warehouse, plant, store, outside yard, garage, car/truck).
Externally they should be marked first so they can be legally identified as being yours, secondly so that
anyone finding it outside the office can get in touch with the company to return it. [Then you get into a
whole new ball of wax, as to the return, rewards and protection which is covered under another
Evancom Executive training session].
Internally they should have a non protected identification file with information to help secure and return
the USB to the rightful owner.
Try to buy all the same style of USB drives for your company data storage [not a company logo(ed)
promotional one] so you can easily identify or distinguish a company information USB drive from one
brought in by someone else.
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USB Drive Inventory List & Management
There should be a maintained inventory list of all company USB drives and who they are assigned to
with employee signed receipts for using them.
Don’t forget today more than ever employees and contract workers come and go under all
circumstances and so do the USB drives with your company information, and internally developed
documents, formats, templates, contacts and references [This is another ball of wax as to the ownership
protection of information, contacts, links and intellectual property obtained while using the drive which is
covered under another Evancom® AUP Executive training session].
USB sign out / sign in sheets are to everyone’s benefit when both practical and appropriate.
Pre-exit and employee transfer interviews – when contract workers and employees leave the company,
are promoted/demoted, or are transferred to another department - you may lose control of unrecorded
USB drives, information becomes lost, and ends up who knows where, and with who!
Insurance & Legal Claims
Privacy and data management is part of your responsibility.
USB Audits or Reviews*
Doing a review or audit is beneficial to everyone. Often an employee will lose or misplace a USB without
realizing it for a significant period of time – and take even longer to personally accept the fact it is actually
lost, admit to it being lost, or report it - That causes even more problems in trying to backtrack to find out
what was actually lost.
Audits and reviews ensure the recognition of lost and misplaced USB data drives; as well they
recognize misused/abused, and damaged drives.
Audits and reviews provide for recognizing any poor condition of a USB, and allows for its replacement
if required – remember everyone is not a computer expert, nor do they notice or care about computers
and parts. Often if they did, they would not know who to report it to, or if it is worth reporting until it is too
late. In workplace conditions such as outdoors, or industrial plants, the work environment can not only
be tough for employees, but also the USB drives enduring extreme hot, cold, humid, damp, dusty, and
dirty conditions.
If done wisely, the audit or review can be a supporting element in your management and control of USB
drives and information, to quickly recognize any lost, misplaced, or USB drives in bad condition.
Implementation of USB Acceptable Use Policies (AUPs)
External support with the Implantation and training of USB drive management may be a wise thing in many
circumstances. We are dealing with many personal aspects in USB management, with perceived trust,
personal feelings, required education and understandings. The employees/contract workers/managers need
a clear understanding of why the focus is paid on these little things, and why it is to their benefit as well as
the company’s benefit to pay attention even though it is sometimes a pain.
* Implementation & Training Specialist
This article by Peter E. Evanetz expresses only one view or opinion at a given point in time. It is not all encompassing and should not be
relied upon, or regarded as providing an expert opinion for your specific organization. For expert opinions you should consult a specialist(s)
to review your specific situation.
Peter E. Evanetz is a Canadian implementation and training specialist in business technology. He may be able to help you with various
aspects of your organization’s “Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)” design, audits and implementation. He can be reached by telephone at
Evancom® (905) 548-9118.
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