Get to know your Personal Trainer


Get to know your Personal Trainer
Jackson Johnson
Personal Trainer
Get to know your Personal Trainer
There are many excuses we come up with to justify
skipping our daily exercise requirements. Too tired,
no time, etc. – that’s exactly where giving your trust
and commitment to a personal trainer can greatly
benefit you!
I will have you pushing that little bit extra during
your workouts and fast track your desired training
and fitness goals. I will motivate you through your
fitness challenge until you conquer it, making sure
you keep your body healthy for life!
I will keep you working hard and focused on your
dream – a little encouragement goes a long way. If
you are committed and dedicated to your fitness
goals I know that with my expertise, support and
motivation I will get you results. That’s my
Certificate III in Fitness
Certificate IV in Fitness
Qualified Boxing and Kickboxing Coach
Qualified Suspension Strap Fitness Coach
Qualified Group Fitness Instructor
Transformation Specialist
Fat Loss
Functional Trainer
Online Coaching (meal plans & workout plans)
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Fitness Model
Beach Body Specialist
“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the
excuses you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it ”
p. 0421 998 816 e. [email protected]