Promotional Materials


Promotional Materials
Why Choose KID-FIT For Your Preschool Activity Program?
1. Best Value. KID-FIT offers the best of gymnastics, dance,
sports and other movement programs plus,
education in a balanced fitness class.
No other program gives you more for your
money. Guaranteed.
2. Tested And Proven To Work. No other preschool program has
research findings showing that it enhances both children’s fitness levels
and health knowledge. KID-FIT has been piloted across the nation with
significant results in both. The first step in childhood obesity prevention.
For complete research details see:
3. Evaluated By An Outside Source. No other program
has received such favorable recommendations by unbiased
reviewers. Action for Healthy Kids, a non-profit organization
devoted to improving children’s health, awarded KID-FIT one
of their highest scores. See the review here:
4. Health Professionals. KID-FIT is run by fitness professionals with over 22 years of experience. KID-FIT has been featured in
the news, appeared in the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Pasadena Star
News, Los Angeles Times, various television programs and has been
presented at numerous national conferences around the nation. It is
taught all around the world.
5. Fun For Your Kids. No other program offers so much fun while teaching
children all about their bodies and building self-esteem. The
KID-FIT curriculum is updated each 6 weeks so children always
learn about set topics in a new way, with fresh music to move to
and new games to play. Fitness is fun, exciting and children
receive regular rewards like coloring sheets and recipes to take
For more information visit or call ( 626 ) 359-8535
Curriculum vs. Pull Out Program
What’s the Difference?
Pull Out Program
All Children Benefit
Select children benefit
Cost per child very low
Cost per child very high
School staff knows material taught
School staff unaware of what is taught
Emotionally satisfying for children
Emotionally distressing for children
Convenient for school
Inconvenient for school
Considered part of the school day
Considered Optional
Stable over time
Not secure over time
Class size includes all children
Class size small, not motivating
Enrollment never a problem
Enrollment varies
Easy accounting, add $11 to tuition
Accounting problems (bounced checks)
Teacher turnover low
Teacher turnover high
Great value in today's economy
Poor value in today’s economy
Enhances academics
Has no effect on academics
Which one would you rather have?
Aerobic Fitness Consultants, Inc.
40 E. Live Oak Ave.
Arcadia, CA 91006 * (626) 359-8535
Yes, I Can Afford KID-FIT !
Don’t think you have the money? KID-FIT is affordable for every family at
approximately $11/month. Which one of these things can you do without in order to
provide a full month of KID-FIT for your child?
Two trips to Starbuck’s for coffee
One large pizza delivered or eaten out
Two movie rentals
Two packs of cigarettes
One manicure or pedicure
Two action figures or a doll from the toy store
Make salads and fruit fresh instead of buying already cut up or prepared
Replace sugar drinks with water for the month
One large store bought cheese cake
One tube of lipstick
Public parking lot fees for the month
One bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken
Replace regular lights in your home with energy saver alternatives
Eleven lottery tickets
Two magazines
Two gallons of store bought ice cream
Two pounds of USDA grade A beef
One full service car wash
Two cocktails
One trip to the Dollar Store
Two dozen doughnuts
Two and a half gallons of gasoline
Grocery shop for store brands instead of name brands one shopping visit a month
One trip to Baskin Robbins
A 12 pack of beer
Two McDonald Happy Meals
It takes just one of the above to provide the funds needed to have your child participate in
the KID-FIT Physical Education program for an entire month!