- UCF Facilities Operations


- UCF Facilities Operations
Department Name:
Account Number:
Dept. Contact Employee:
Department Contact Phone #:
VIN Number:
Employee Being Issued Key:
State Tag #/*Vehicle #:
Employee ID#:
Current Mileage:
Select Fuel Required:
Unleaded E10
Select PIN # for Unleaded & Diesel:
A green key will be issued
Diesel B5
A black key will be issued
E85 Ethanol*
Upon receipt of the fuel key, the borrowing department accepts all charges until the key is returned or
acknowledgement of a written request for cancellation is received by the department. Signature on this form
constitutes an agreement to follow Facilities Operation’s procedures as attached or changed with written notice. Green
key fee is $10.00, no charge for black key. Fax (407-823-5726) or email this form to [email protected].
Approved By:
Director or Dean Printed Name
Director or Dean Signature
Employee Printed Name
Employee Signature
Received By:
Fuel Key Return
Acknowledged By:
Printed Name
*Facilities Operations Vehicle numbers are not required for non-Facilities vehicles.
University of Central Florida
Facilities Operations
Fuel Key Request Form and Instructions
Account Information:
1. Department Name: Name of department receiving fuel key
2. Account Number: Billing account for the fuel
3. Department Contact Employee: Employee in the department keeping records of which departmental
employees are authorized to have fuel keys
4. Department Contact Phone Number: Phone number of Department Contact Employee
5. Employee Being Issued Key: Name of employee being issued the fuel key
6. Employee I.D. Number: Use the last four of PID, leave blank, or use any number required by the responsible
Department to track usage
Vehicle Information:
1. Year, Make and Model: Please provide as much information as possible
2. VIN number: The VIN number for automobiles is located on the driver side dashboard. For all other vehicles
it is a serial number.
3. State Tag Number: The State of Florida license plate number, if the vehicle requires a license plate
Vehicle Tag Number: The number Facilities Operations issued to the vehicle when first purchased, as required
by university policy (includes all forms of transportation including golf carts) (Alternate)
4. Current Mileage: Mileage as currently shown on the vehicles’ odometer
Select Fuel Required:
1. Unleaded, Diesel, E85 Ethanol: The employee may be required to fuel multiple vehicles requiring different
fuel types. A green key will be issued for unleaded and diesel fuel. A black key will be issued for E85 fuel.
2. PIN # for Unleaded and Diesel: Employees may choose a special PIN number for their key and have it
requested every usage. All keys are assigned a pin number for security purposes. Activation is done by key or
pedestal or both.
Required Signatures:
1. Approved By: The Director, Dean or such other person, directed in writing as having authorization to approve
expenditures from the listed departmental account.
2. Received By: The employee or Department contact employee
3. Fuel Key Return Acknowledged By: The Facilities Operations employee receiving the key for turn-in
1. Broken Keys or Reprogramming Keys: Will be turned into Work Management with a new request form.
There will be no charge for the repair. If a key is lost there will be a material charge for the replacement key.
Send an email to Work Control to cancel the key and turn in a request for a replacement.
2. Fuel Key Return: Keys should be turned into the Facilities Operations Work Control Center at the window.
PLEASE NOTE: A signed copy of this key request form is the employee’s dated proof of return and ends the
departments’ responsibility for that key. An employee may be held liable by the borrowing department for
misuse or negligence.
3. Assistance with non-emergency problems at the fuel island, call 407-823-5223. For emergencies, large spills or
fire call 9-1-1 or use the call boxes on the walls to contact UCF Police.
4. DO NOT ALLOW VEHICLES TO RUN LOW ON FUEL. A good rule of thumb is to refuel when ¼ to ½ tank
is reached in order to prevent “fueling emergencies”.