Tel: 01235 838638


Tel: 01235 838638
Make your house an Eco Box home
Improve the heating & hot
water comfort of your home
today and secure your fuel &
electricity costs for the future.
Tel: 01235 838638
Making energy saving simple.. With savings guaranteed!
Central heating & hot water leaflet 2015-5
Thermodynamic Hot Water System
Keeping your water ‘hot’ all day and night, 365 days of the year!
Providing you with domestic hot water 24/7,
without the need for fuel!
Costs in the region of £30-£60 a year to run.
The Eco Box ‘9’ (Home Energy Management System)
Making energy saving simple.. With savings guaranteed!
Energy Management System for Gas/Oil/LPG with guaranteed savings of up to 45%, depending on system type!
Radiator Cleanse – 15% fuel save
Oxyvent Tank – 30% fuel save
Valves – 15% fuel save
Boiler Optimisation – 25% fuel save
Filtration – 5% fuel save
LED – lighting accounts for 18% of electricity
Voltage Optimisation – 15% electric save
Digital Controls – 1deg = 10% save
Improve the heating comfort of your home today & secure fuel & electricity costs for the future.
‘Case Study’ Partner Guarantee..
We guarantee that your Energy Management System will save you a minimum of 45%*
(or otherwise lower agreed figure) when compared to your previous energy usage.
* Subject to conditions
Should you save less?... Then we will reimburse you with the difference!
This guarantee ensures a genuine return on investment and product peace of mind.
How can we do this?
We have historical and on-going case study proof from existing happy customers.
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We also install Solar
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Tel: 01235 838638