CONSULTANCY End of Project Evaluation: `Family+`


CONSULTANCY End of Project Evaluation: `Family+`
Friends-International TERMS OF REFERENCE
CONSULTANCY End of Project Evaluation: ’Family+’ Good practice family-based systems for child protection
Led by Friends-International and funded by USAID, the “Family +” project brings together the
leading child protection organizations in Cambodia with the aim of addressing the rapid increase
in residential care centers for children as opposed to family-based systems. The overall objective
is to improve the national system for alternative care in Cambodia, allowing for the stronger
protection, well-being, and development of vulnerable children. The ‘’Family+’’ is collaborating
with three partner organizations: Mith Samlanh, Komar Rikreay, and Kaliyan Mith (the FI project
in Siem Reap). Additionally, four Technical Support partners will participate in the project through
developing and demonstrating best practice residential, reintegration, and prevention of
institutionalization services. FI supports the partners to develop good practice models for case
management-based sustainable family reintegration in line with national laws and policies and
the Royal Government Cambodia’s (RGC) Minimum Standards of Care.
About Friends-International: We drive an innovative network of government and nongovernmental organizations working together to solve the problems children and youth face
worldwide. The objective is to significantly improve the quality and impact of services to
marginalized urban children and youth and related groups through an effective network of
internationally recognized organizations. We have developed a holistic social integration cycle
that is based on individual and community needs to achieve best practice methods directly or in
collaboration with partners.
Planned outcomes of the ‘’Family+’’ project:
 Improving transitional residential centers to exceed the minimum standards of the RGC
and provide best practice models
 Increasing and strengthening services and systems for the reintegration of children to
their family units, and strengthening options for children including kinship care, foster
care, and domestic adoption
 Recording and disseminating best practice service models and research obtained through
the project
 Working with and supporting the RGC and its continued work to establish and implement
strong Alternative Care mechanisms in Cambodia
 Undertaking education and public awareness campaigns reinforcing the importance of
family-based care
To evaluate the impact of the activities conducted in the project and indicate key learnings
Friends-International: House 89B, Street 103, P.O Box 597, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
T: (855) 23 986 601 E: [email protected] W:
Friends-International TERMS OF REFERENCE
To assess how the partnership management has increased capacity of Civil Society
Organization (CSO) partners for program effectiveness and efficiency
To assess the performance of program implementation in terms of service delivery by
each CSO partner
The consultancy is expected to begin ideally on 1st of May, but no later than 18th of May, 2015,
and last approximately 2 months.
Payment will be commensurate with experience and qualifications and will be made based on the
satisfactory submission of the bellow expected outputs.
Familiarity with issues related to child rights and deinstitutialization of child care
Good knowledge of the situation of children in Cambodia
Good knowledge of policies, standards, guidelines and procedures in relation to protection
and care for children in Cambodia
Good knowledge of projects aiming to strengthen the family type of care for children
Previous record of successfully conducted research and evaluation projects
Excellent interview and analytical skills
Ability to write concise reports and present key findings in a simple and interesting way
Draft evaluation report with summary of key findings and recommendations presented to
FI for review and comments
Presentation of findings and recommendations at a one day meeting of stakeholders to
share draft findings and recommendations
Final evaluation report provided to FI by June 30, 2015 in electronic format
Interested applicants should submit their CVs with a cover letter to [email protected]
by April 5, 2015. Cover letter should include expected payment amounts and timeframes for the
Friends-International: House 89B, Street 103, P.O Box 597, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
T: (855) 23 986 601 E: [email protected] W: