Eau Claire County Press Release Gregg Moore, County


Eau Claire County Press Release Gregg Moore, County
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Eau Claire County Press Release
May 18, 2015
From: Gregg Moore, Eau Claire County Board Chair
Theft of County Funds
The City of Eau Claire Police Department has arrested former Eau Claire County Treasurer
Larry Lokken and his former deputy Kay Onarheim who will be charged with stealing funds
from Eau Claire County. Both Mr. Lokken and Ms. Onarheim retired from Eau Claire County in
September 2013 after many years of employment in the Treasurer’s office. Because the police
investigation is continuing, I cannot say anything more about the criminal cases.
As County Board Chair, I want to tell the citizens of Eau Claire County several things:
First, our internal financial controls have been, and continue to be, thoroughly reviewed and
strengthened. Changes have been made to help ensure that such fraud cannot and will not
happen again.
Second, steps are being taken to recover all stolen funds. A Notice of Claim has been filed with
our insurance company for $625,758, and that figure may be increased. I expect that restitution
will be sought from anyone who is subsequently convicted of stealing county funds.
Third, our current County Treasurer Glenda Lyons deserves enormous credit for identifying
some suspicious past transactions and bringing it to the attention of county officials. Based on
the efforts of Ms. Lyons, the Finance Department and other county staff, along with a forensic
accounting analysis conducted by a Certified Fraud Examiner with the firm Baker Tilly, Eau
Claire County was able to document the fraud that took place in the past, prior to Ms. Lyons
appointment as County Treasurer. All of the documentation was turned over to the Eau Claire
Police Department for investigation. I would like to thank the Eau Claire Police Department
officers for their professionalism and thoroughness.
And finally, Eau Claire County’s elected officials and employees strive every day to provide
excellent services to the citizens of Eau Claire County and to earn the public’s trust and
confidence. Because of that, I am especially angry and disgusted by these alleged crimes and the
apparent violation of the public trust.
For inquiries, contact County Board Chair Gregg Moore at 715-839-4835.
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