2015 Gallup Lions Club Youth Rodeo Registration June 13, 2015


2015 Gallup Lions Club Youth Rodeo Registration June 13, 2015
2015 Gallup Lions Club Youth Rodeo Registration
June 13, 2015
Gurley Motor Company from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Must provide a copy of the Birth Certificate, proof of age is required to enter.
No phone entries, No Checks, No Credit Cards.
Cash only!
No Refunds.
6 years old & under 7-­‐9 years old 10-­‐13 years old 14-­‐17 years old Poles: $25.00 Poles: $30.00 Poles: $35.00 Poles: $40.00 Barrels: $25.00 Barrels: $30.00 Barrels: $35.00 Barrels: $40.00 Wooly riding: $25.00 Flag racing: $30.00 Breakaway: $35.00 Breakaway: $40.00 Goat tying: $30.00 Goat tying: $35.00 Team roping: $40.00 Calf riding: $30.00 Steer riding: $35.00 *Each team roper must fill out an entry form, full team in one set. No rider substitution.
Youth rodeo will be June 20, 2015 and will start at 9:00am.
We will have three arena’s going at once so be ready to compete.
1st front arena is the Rough Stock - Wooly riding, Calf riding, and Steer riding.
2nd front arena is the Timing events - Flag racing, Goat tying, Breakaway & Team Roping.
3rd back arena is the Timing events - Barrels and Poles.
Contestants must wear western attire:
Cowboy hat/safety helmet, Long sleeve western shirt with collar, long pants, and cowboy boots in the arena.
“Parents/guardians shall not quarrel or fight on the rodeo grounds; shall not attempt to fix, threaten, bribe, influence or harass the judges or youth rodeo
coordinator at any time in or out of the arena. Complaints or harassment made by parents will not be tolerated during the rodeo and may subject participant to
disqualification at the rodeo”.
**Our Rough Stock judges, Timing events judges, Timers, and Rodeo Queens are all volunteers, so please be
courteous and respectful of their volunteer efforts to help our Gallup Lions Club Youth Rodeo.
Thank you for your entry and Good Luck…
Youth Rodeo Contact: Crystal (505)879-2043
Gallup Lions Club is not responsible for any injuries or theft.