Population Growth
Name ____________________________________
Go to the following website:
Find the menu at the top of the page. Click on Birth, Fertility, Contraception. Find the
animation titled “Births” and click Launch Video.
1. How many children could a woman have if her biological capacity were fully used?
(Hint: When the play button blinks orange, click it to continue the animation.)
2. What are the three reasons that most women do not have the maximum number of
____________ Back to the main menu, click on Role of Marriage.
3. The later a woman marries, the __________ children she will have. On average, woman
marry at what age on the following continents:
a. North America: ____________________
b. Africa: ___________________
c. Asia: ____________________________
d. South America: _____________
e. Australia: ________________________
f. Europe: ____________________
Go back to the original site. Click on Life Expectancy, Mortality, Health. Find the
animation titled “Length of life” and click Launch video.
4. Who holds the world record for longest life span? _________________________
5. How old was he/she at death? _________________ Click Run Animation. You will
see how a survivorship curve is created.
6. What does “median life span” mean? ____________________
7. In France, three centuries ago, the median life span was ___________________.
8. Length of life has increased dramatically over the last 300 years. This happened in two
stages: _____________________________________ and
9. For Reducing Child Mortality, click Run Animation. Thanks to progress in hygiene and
medicine (______________ and ________________ in particular) infectious diseases are
less common and are rarely fatal.
10. What is the only area in the world where the fight against infectious disease is not being
won? __________________________
11. For A Longer Length of Life for Adults, click Run Animation. What was the median
length of life in 2000 (in France?) __________
12. What are the two main reasons for death at a very old age? ______________________,
To determine your Ecological Footprint, go to
Put your mouse over the USA and click. Answer the questions to find out your footprint.
Enter DETAILED information to determine your ecological footprint. (Hints: Your home
is probably 1500-3000 sq. Miles per gallon of your vehicle will vary from 15-25 mpg for
large vehicles like SUVs to more than 50 mpg for hybrids.)
13. What is your ecological footprint ? ____________________________
14. What exactly does this number mean?
15. How does your footprint compare to the average American(~6)?
Worldwide, the average global acres per person is 2.8. What was your
number?______________ What does this mean?_____________________________
What are some changes you can make to reduce your footprint?_________________
Go to the following website:
Scroll to the bottom right-side of the page and click NEXT. Leisurely read this cartoon (each
section) and click NEXT until you get to the sixth page. Clean up Anita’s room by putting
all of her junk, ummm stuff, where it belongs. The box to the left will help you keep count
of how many of the 24 objects you have left.
16. When you finish, name at least one item that you put into each of the following
Glass recycable:
Plastic recycable:
Go to the following website:
17. Read about this game and scroll down to click on PLAY THE GAME. Find out how
energy efficient you are by clicking on the different rooms of this house (and the car). As
you do this, you will answer ten different questions. (You won’t know what question
number the questions are until you click on the household item.) What are the answers
for the following questions:
#2: _______________________________________________________________________
#3: _______________________________________________________________________
#5: _______________________________________________________________________
#6: _______________________________________________________________________
#8: _______________________________________________________________________
#10: ______________________________________________________________________
18. Go to the following website: www.scorecard.org. Plug in your zip code to get an
in-depth pollution report. In 2002, Fayette County ranked among the
___________________ of all counties in the U.S. in terms of air releases of recognized
19. Click on how your county stacks up. What is Lexington’s worst score for?
_________________________ What is Lexington’s best score for?
___________________________________ Click the back button. Click the top
polluters link to find out who the biggest polluters are in our county.
20. Click back and scroll down to the Air section. Click on see how your county stacks up.
What are Lexington’s two worst air pollutants? ___________________________________
Click the back button and scroll down to water. Click see how your county's water quality
stacks up. What percentage of our surface waters have impaired or threatened Uses?

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