Bulletin #2 for RFP-DE-GLWA-CS-005 “Communications Services


Bulletin #2 for RFP-DE-GLWA-CS-005 “Communications Services
Bulletin #2 to GLWA-CS-005
Please See Below for Update Information Pertaining To:
Request for Proposal for Communication Services
Posted March 16, 2015
This bulletin #2 is hereby made part of the above referenced RFP and shall be taken into
consideration by any and all respondents to this RFP. Respondents must acknowledge receipt
of this bulletin in the transmittal letter accompanying their responses due by 2:00 pm EST on
April 3, 2015.
(Please note that all vendor questions are responded to in BOLD and ITALIC font)
1. Objectives and Goals: What are the Authorities objectives and goals for the first year so the
Proposer can demonstrate how the program will align to its communications needs?
GLWA is a new entity which has not yet established first year goals and objectives.
The MOU and Articles of Incorporation include several general goals. The first
strategic planning effort is planned for March. It is anticipated Goals and Objectives
will emerge from this effort. It is expected that the successful vendor will be a key
resource in the key messages that emerge from this effort to assist in developing the
GLWA brand.
2. Research: Has the Authority conducted any perception or awareness benchmark research
with key audiences?
No, GLWA is a new agency (see http://glwater.org )
3. Communications Protocol: Will it be the responsibility of the Proposer to establish the
communications channels listed; specifically website and social media. If not, what are all
the specific communications channels available to the Proposer?
As noted above, GLWA has established an initial website. It is anticipated that social
media may be an additional desirable communications channel to consider and
proposers should address their capacity to effectively develop such additional
channels should they be recommended as a part of the communications effort.
4. GLWA Board Meetings and Coordinating Group Transition Meeting: Approximately how
many meetings will take place each year and what is the anticipated average length of those
See http://glwater.org/board/ Vendors should plan on at least one Board meeting
each month; the length of each meeting is generally dictated by the number/type of
agenda items.
5. Designated Communications Team: How many people does the Authority expect to have on
its communications team? What will be the duties of those individuals?
GLWA is a new agency. During the transition process, the GLWA Program
Management Office will be available to support selected activities. It is anticipated
that 1-2 DWSD resources will be made available to provide limited support. The
DWSD Executive Team will continue to be engaged.
6. Other Agencies: Does the Authority plan to or have they already hired other agencies for
marketing, advertising and digital/social services?
GLWA has no other agencies for marketing, advertising, and digital/social services.
7. Budget: What is the budget range for the contract?
No budget at this time.
8. Length of Contract: Will the awarded contract be reviewed and renewed annually?
The intended length of the contract is one (1) year with two (2) one-year renewal
9. Duplicative Content with RFP: Appendix B and Section B of the RFP ask for duplicative
information. Should we plan to provide an answer to each individual item?
10. Please expand upon/clarify your definition of ostentatious?
Characterized by overelaborate or pretentious display; designed merely to impress.
11. In regards to electronic media, is it okay to submit a USB with our proposal on it and do
you want both the technical proposal and the costing proposal included or just the
technical proposal?
A flash-drive/thumb-drive is acceptable for both the technical and costing proposals;
however, each must be on a separate file.
12. On page 9, under Experience and Qualifications of the Firm, item viii requests detail of
participation [by account lead and support team] along with associated billings.
This question pertains to the mix of allocated time between the account executive
and staff. Your costing proposal may suffice so long as the mix in terms of hours and
rates is clearly identified.
13. In regards to current and former clients, are you looking for a comprehensive list?
A representative list of relevant organizations is acceptable.