How Investology easily promotes their courses


How Investology easily promotes their courses
Prestige Investment Consultancy Limited is an Online customer. Located in
Hong Kong, they subscribed to Odoo online and are completely
independent from any web designer. Winsome Hui, the Marketing Director,
explains us their project.
Tell us about the company and its business
We needed to set up a website to promote our courses and brand “Investology”
within a month.
But the website service vendor we contacted was unable to develop a website in such
a short period of time. Another crucial point was also that their website design
couldn't meet our requirements.
What solution was delivered?
We use Odoo Website Builder and Odoo Email Marketing. With the application
Website Builder we created our own website with course information and our
investment knowledge. On the other hand, the Email Marketing app is used for
promoting our seminars and courses to our members.
How had this impacted the business?
As our website is for informative purposes, revenue is not relevant but we would say
the initial cost in developing a website is much lower than a local vendor. Also, I can
change the information & structure without going through a local vendor, so we
reduce the costs there too.
How would you describe what the company
values most with Odoo?
Odoo is a very good tool that allows us to develop a stunning website within a short
period of time. It is user friendly, especially for someone who is not familiar with html
code to develop a website.