Questions and Answers


Questions and Answers
DYS, Oakley Youth Development Center
Network Equipment and Cabling Project
The following questions were submitted to MDHS and are being presented as they were
submitted, except to remove any reference to a specific vendor. This information should assist
you in formulating your response.
Question 1:
Please list your evaluation criteria/scoring matrix?
The Evaluation Team will use the following categories which will total 100
points overall, plus 5 possible Value Add points: (1) Functional/Technical
Specifications, (2) Vendor Qualifications – (vendor’s experience with
similar size project, # of employees proposed for this project, along with
their experience and certifications). (3) Cost, and (4) Value Add.
Question 2:
What location are the bids supposed to be turned into, Oakley or State Office?
Bids are due on March 13, 2015. Please submit three (3) hard copies to
Andrew Friday at 660 North St., Suite 200, Jackson, MS 39202.
Question 3:
Is it a requirement that the cabling contractor/subcontractor have a RCDD on
It is not required, but recommended.

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