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Professional Profile
A recent Graduate of the Land Administration certificate program at SAIT with over 10 years of Oil and
Gas experience in finance and master file maintenance. A former Stand Up Comic with a love for
communicating and engaging with people. Known for being flexible, adaptable and quickly learning new
technology and processes. Passionate about finding innovative ways to get better results and quickly
become the “go to guy” for Clients and co-workers.
Professional Experience
Apache Canada Ltd, Calgary, AB
International oil and gas exploration company
Production Accountant Royalty Desk/ Sulphur Marketing Accountant
 Maintained Royalty Owner relations desk. Working closely with Land and joint venture to
resolve Royalty owner disputes. Mitigating risk to the company.
 Recognized the need for streamlining the process surrounding the yearly preparation of NR4 and
T5 Tax forms for royalty owners. Worked with our database specialist to create Access queries to
easily pull the information from SAP and Prism, ensuring accuracy and saving an estimated 80 to
100 man hours. Won an Apache Aim Up award for this project.
 Simplified the laborious manual process of the monthly Royalty metric preparations automating
the information gathering. Reducing the time spent preparing Metrics from over 12 hours down to
2 hours, creating a defined repeatable process and providing more accurate information.
 To comply with the Unclaimed Personal Property and Vested Property act created the process for
identifying royalty candidates and associated dollar amounts in a very tight turnaround time for
annual submission to the Alberta Government. Thus avoiding government penalties and fines.
 Overcame a very short training time on the Sulphur Marketing Accountant desk by consulting
with co-workers and service providers to come to a full understanding of the role ensuring a
smooth transition.
Accounts Payable Vendor Relations
 Established a full time Vendor Relations desk which communicated daily with vendors, drilling
and purchasing staff, answering vendor payment inquiries, general questions and mediating
vendor disputes. Resulting in improved vendor relations and significant reduction of vendor
 Provided information and training to vendors educating them on the virtues of enrolling in a new
automated invoicing system, promoting vendor buy in and contributing significantly to the
reaching of a department goal of having 85% of vendors signed up to Cortex by years end.
 Educated and boosted staff morale by writing a game show style learning session demonstrating
the functions and roles of the finance department, presented during the Canadian quarterly
meeting, fulfilling company objectives of an educational presentation from one department every
BP Canada Energy, Calgary, AB
International Oil and Gas Company
Masterfile Maintenance
 Ran project to identify and recoup 3 years of unbilled partner overhead charges resulting in
recovery of $1,200,000 in unbilled overhead.
 Identified the need to update Master File Maintenance record keeping systems and successfully
coordinated project with Records Management to transition to an online file management system.
Making records available to all BP staff with faster more efficient access to data for key stake
 Initiated project to automate the manual update of joint venture information stored in SAP,
reducing man hours, improving accuracy of partner billings and reducing re-work.
Account Payable Supervisor (IBM for BP)
 Travelled to India to oversee the Transition of Accounts Payable functions to IBM India Staff.
Successfully bridged Indian and Canadian culture to be able to reduce the scheduled transition
time from 5 weeks to 3 with a smooth silent running hand off with no downtime.
 Administered $500,000 monthly, procurement card program. Reconciling statements, issuing
cards and mitigating risk by ensuring adherence to policy and monitoring of purchases.
Discovered scheme to defraud BP using card numbers and online transactions. Worked with BP
security and bank to institute enhanced security measures, saving thousands of dollars in
fraudulent purchases.
Oversaw electronic invoicing system and coordinated with vendors to encourage and assist
transition to electronic invoicing, allowing for faster more efficient invoice processing and
payment of vendors.
Professional Development
Land Administration Certificate, SAIT
Advanced Excel Level 2 & 3
Basics of Contract Business Law
Petroleum Registry of Alberta Training Session
Conventional Exploration Agreements Junior Level
Cinema Television Stage and Radio, SAIT
Gregg Simpson
(403) 836-2333
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