AP Biology Summer work 2015


AP Biology Summer work 2015
Summer work for AP Biology 2015-2016
Instructor: Mr. Krabath ([email protected])
I am excited to introduce you to college level Biology. The major theme throughout the
year is developing Inquiry skills. We will us a combination of teacher led discussion,
current readings, laboratory activities, assessments and student directed projects to
achieve this goal. Below is the summer required work.
1. Check out your books with Ms. Alt in room 100, BEORE you leave for the summer, You should
Text book and an exam review book
2. Email me at: [email protected]:
Due: 8 June @ 2400hrs.
Email your instructor from the email you will be using this summer and next year.
3. Go to the AP Biology course website below to pick a book to read and write a review for:
Course website: http://aphalebiology.webs.com:
Due: 1 July @ 2400hrs.
Bookmark this website; it is a valuable resource, both in and out of class.
Click the nonfiction reading list for a vast selection of reading choices.
Email your instructor with the title of the book you will be reading.
4. Read your selected book and compete the reading review.
Due: 17 August @2400hrs.
Email the completed review to your instructor.
The outline for the review can be found on the website.
This will be your first grade for the school year.
5. Read the first three chapters in your textbook and complete the reading guides found on the class
There will be a graded quiz on chapters 1 and 2 on the first day of school.
 Your completed and printed study guides can be used on the quiz. No electronic copies!
 You can use your printed study guides on the chapter 3 quiz which will follow two days later.
6. AP exam is Monday 9 May 2016
7. Check the course website for a calendar of quiz and test dates
You can see the “pace” and rigor of the course from this calendar
Have a great summer and email me with any questions: [email protected]
AP biology-Krabath 2015-2016