20 March 2015
Mission Statement: Together we will create a stimulating environment that will support each learner to reach their
Pinnacle, encouraging them to take responsibility for their own attitude toward learning and to make a difference.
25 March - Reports
26 March - Footsteps Dance Company – 11am
27 March - Assembly, 2.30pm MPR
30 March - BOT Meeting
31 March - Rippa Rugby @ Whitianga
1 April - 3 Way Interviews
2 April -Teacher Only Day
3 April - Good Friday
Kia Ora Hikuai School Community
Well our shortened week has come to what has felt like a
very quick end! Firstly I would like to thank everyone for
staying safe over last Sunday and Monday. Almost all of the
schools in the Coromandel used good sense and closed for
Monday, with the Ministry agreeing closures were the safest
course of action. It was good to see our flood list kicking into
action swiftly once the call was made - it even worked from
I’d like to give a big Hikuai thank you to all the students and
parents that ran in (and supported) the Bridge to Bridge
event last Saturday morning, it was great to see so many of
you there! I have to say I was inspired by all those who took
part and have made it a pinnacle of mine to run in it next
year. I’m happy to say that everything we do continues to
turn to gold – even more so this time as Mike Morrison will
be presenting us with the Gold Nugget at next Fridays
assembly for being the winning school!
I just want to let you all know of a comment that was made
by two Ministry of Education officials that visited our school
this week. As I was showing them around the school some of
our wonderful children came up to them and said hello and
asked how they were doing, while others waved and said hi
as they walked past us in the playground. I was extremely
proud of our children for making our guests welcome and I
was made even more so when, as our guests left, they
made the comment that our children were the most
polite and welcoming they had ever met! That is a
reflection of the atmosphere we create here at Hikuai.
Respect is shown to all, and by all, from our newest
member to our oldest grandparent, to all our guests
and is an indication as to the importance of the
TOTARA values being embedded in everything we do.
It’s hard to believe that we only have 2 weeks left but
we still have a few more events to fit in. Although I
spoke of it last week, I urge you to make time if you
can to attend the 3 Way Interviews. It’s a great way to
hear about the pinnacles your child has made at
school and an opportunity to ask their teachers about
how they are working towards them. (Please don’t
forget that school finishes at 12:30pm on Wednesday
the 1st of April) We also have Rippa Rugby up at
Whitianga and we’re pleased that we have entered
both a Room 5 and Room 4 team this year. I’d like to
personally thank Rohan Avery for helping us out with
Rippa training at school. Please remember also that
Thursday the 2nd of April is a teacher only day so
there’ll be no bus running that day and then it will be
the holidays!
Noho ora mai
Mr Stein – Hikuai School Principal
Congratulations to Rebecca and Grace who are the lucky winners of the Chiefs tickets for
their next home game on March 28th at Waikato Stadium.
Three way interview time slots are starting to be filled so if you have more than one child the sooner the forms are
returned to the office, the more likely you are to have back-to-back interview times. Please be aware that it is first
come, first served and the times that you would initially like may have already been filled. With this in mind, we
will attempt to be as flexible as possible and should the available time slots that remain not be suitable there is
always the option to organise with the Class Teacher a time in Term 2 that would suit yourself and your child/ren.
Please note it is not compulsory to attend these interviews on the 1 April, but obviously it would be beneficial for
you and your child to attend. Any queries please contact Michelle in the office and please remember forms to be
back no later than Thursday 26th of March. Thank you.
Hikuai School would like to thank Mr Craig Morrison who came yesterday to run through the evacuation process
required in the event of a tsunami. The pupils and teachers were taken to higher ground as seen in the above
photos where everybody would be safe if a tsunami was to hit our area.
continued ………..
by Liam
(Room 5)
“It’s just over that rise”, I said to the other children. One of them cried out “My legs are sore!”
I was thinking about the beach we were going to, to go surfing. I loved surfing, but I always seemed
to get hurt.
Finally we were at the beach. I put my warm black wetsuit on with a hard pull. My friends and I
grabbed our surfboards and jumped in the water. We paddled out and my friend Johnno caught a
wave. After that we both saw a big shark, so we started heading, in but Johnno had the shark on
him! I got the local coast guard to come out and get him but when they got out there Johnno was
gone but his board was still there. We had the decision of calling the Search and Rescue or a dive
team – we picked Search and Rescue.
I really wanted to find Johnno because he was my best surfing buddy. After two days they couldn’t
find him so we called the dive team. They went down and they found his wetsuit, but nothing else
of him was there, so they widened the search. They found a long green leg rope, the same colour
as Johnno’s, leading into the kelp. The divers went into the kelp, and at the end of the leg-rope
was Johnno’s foot! We went back to shore.
The next day we had a funeral for Johnno and I invited all our surfing buddies. When we got home I
hung his surfboard up in my room next to my Dad’s. I looked at the boards. I wondered if it was the
same shark that had had killed my Dad?
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