Come Surfing with Plantation Island Resort


Come Surfing with Plantation Island Resort
Come Surfing with
Plantation Island Resort
The Lexmee Evening Star departs everyday during High Tide (just ask us when high tide is if you are not
sure). You can then choose to visit one of the 7 breaks, depending on which has the better surf and on
your surfing skill.
Breaks we visit are:
Cloudbreak (Advanced)
Swimming Pools
Tavarua Right
Namotu Left
Wilkes Right
Desperation (Advanced)
Tips take 15-30 minutes to reach the break, you then spend 3 hours surfing before
returning. The entire trip takes approximately 4 hours. On some days the tour will
go twice, once in the morning and again in the afternoon.
Depends on the break (charges are charged to your room, no cash payments)
FJD$70.00 pp for Wilkes, Swimming Pools, Restaurants, Namotu Left & Tavarua Right
FJD$90.00 pp for Cloudbreak and Desperations (advanced surfers only)
You cannot choose to visit all breaks and decide to surf the best, breaks
must be chosen before departing (we will have info on which should be the
best for the conditions on the day)

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