The dream team We are gathered by one common passion: surfing


The dream team We are gathered by one common passion: surfing
The dream team
We are gathered by one common passion: surfing.
We are brought together by a common interest: to travel as a means of
understanding the world and meeting incredible people along the way
We may not be rich financially (enough to fund our first mission), but we find richness in
our diversity. Our team is made up of passionate and unique individuals from all walks of
life. Among us we have members of all ages: old, young and in between. We stem from a
variety of nationalities including French, Italian and Spanish. We are composed of a range
of occupations as well, uniting the ideas and strengths of high school students, university
students and full-time workers. We believe that each person is valuable and has
something to share. We celebrate our differences and learn from each other to make
ourselves a stronger team.
Our heterogeneous mix is a rare and special combination. Uniformity dies when diversity
generates life.
This is just another way to share the art and sport of surfing. In the end, the
purpose of it all is to be truly happy!
"Mens sana in corpore sano"
A sound mind in a sound body – Juvénal
"Carpe diem"
Seize the day – Horace
These two Latin aphorisms from the well-respected poets Juvénal and Horace are two of
our main principles. These quotes speak largely to our values as a team.
In addition to the classic poets´ wisdom, we have our own theory: Every smile is a
Surfing makes life better. It makes us smile, it makes us laugh and it brings us together.
We share this zest of life.
In Madagascar, and particularly in Mahambo, the main reason surfing and other water
sports are uncommon is because of the lack of material and resources.
This is Da, a young member of the local gun crew of Mahambo, posing with one of
the 5 boards of the village.
The Mahambo surfers are waiting for us! And without a doubt many more locals will enjoy
learning the thrill of riding a wave for the first time.
That’s why our first and main priority is to give to these young surfers the materials and
resources to live their passion.
These are some of the boards we will bring and leave in Mahambo!
From the Big up SweetSpot Surf school in Brittany.
But still, we plan to do more. Neslon Mandela1 said it himself: sports and physical
activities are socialization spaces without any equivalents. They can change the world
because they speak to the youths, they mean something for them. Sports overcome
social differences as well as cultural differences.
Sports and physical activities can open people up to new perspectives of life. This can’t
be said of about many other human activities.
That’s why the Mi-Ma surf goes beyond just catching waves.
“Sport has the power to change the world…it has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way
that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was
only despair.”
Not just surfing to surf,
but also as a means to
learn from each other,
to get to know one
another, create strong,
lasting relationships
and to continue
working towards our
goal: to help others
live better by
spreading the simple
and unparalleled joy of
That’s why before
anything else the MiMa organization is a
civic mission based
on the socialization
through the surf. We
hope to be of service to
the people of
Mahambo in sharing
the joy of surfing and
providing them with the
materials to do so. During our stay we are certain to learn just as much from them (if not
more) as they are from us. It will be a cultural exchange and together we can build strong
human connections through surf.
Sharing a passion: There can’t be a better reward for an instructor than seeing a
big smile on the face of a student.
This is our idea: we hope that it has given you the desire to get know us better, and to
learn more about our organization: Mi-Ma Surf!
Please don’t hesitate to ask us for more information! We’ll answer you ASAP...probably
before or after a surf session ;-)
Thank you so much!
And if I want to learn more about your association or about the MiMa?
Concretely what will you make do in Mahambo, how many people will you help…
Breathe, relax  Leave your computer, take your board and go for a surf!
Everything you want to know is written in the two books just you will find here below. They
won´t fail you!
One of the two books is very short and covers the surface topics: you can read it in
5 minutes. The other one (in French), is much longer and more comprehensive.
Just a piece of advice—Start with the first one; it won’t take you more than a few
minutes to read it!
Book Version COURTE
This is an overview of our short book. The complete version is available upon
Want to get to know Benoit Carpentier, our ambassador? Just have a look on his
Facebook page, on his website or download his book!
A picture is worth a thousand words, and here´s one that will make you smile.
In surf jargon this part of a wave is called the lip. So this one gives us a big smile :D
The financial goal of this crowdfunding campaign ties in half of the amount of
money we must gather to realize our first mission (the Mi-Ma surf 2015) while
permitting to Benoit Carpentier to carry out his role of Vagues d’Espoir ambassador’s
across the globe.
Detailed budget of the Mi-Ma Surf 2015.
The main part of our budget concerns the travel for the staff as well as the material
and resources we plan to bring to Mahambo. We will be able to manage the rest due
to the low cost of living on the Red Island.
Here are the essentials types of spending we identified.
In calculating the finances we are still in need of 1700 euros. This is a modest but
important sum which we hope will come from generous donators. Privates (citizens),
economic actors (a bank, 3 surf shops, an enterprise), and public actors (local
representatives of the state, associations) have invested in us already and we would like
to give big thanks to them for doing so!
Before realizing the Mi-Ma project we need to reach this sum of 15 000 euros,
ideally before the end of March 2015!
That will give us 4 months to optimize our mission in the best conditions.
We are lucky enough to count in our ranks an ambassador who is known worldwide in the Stand Up Paddle field. Gathering our respective projects we want to
make them stronger!
Because of his energy, his eternal good mood and motivation, Benoit Carpentier
represents a great asset for our young association!
Benoit Carpentier and Vagues d’Espoir: en route to success!!
His role is and will be massive! In the preparation and also in the realization of our
We are indebted to him because of the time he passes to make Vagues d’Espoir
projects known across the world!
To reciprocate, Vagues d’Espoir, commits to remit him 20% of the sum collected
during this crowdfunding campaign. We hope that thanks to this money he will be able to
reach his dreams, to carry out his sportive project while promoting Vagues d’Espoir
actions across the 5 continents!
That’s why through this campaign we hope to reach and overpass the sum of 10
000 euros! At the very least, this sum will allow us to realize our mission with a small but
dedicated group of people on our team.
The diversity of our group is what makes us strong and we will share this with the people
of Mahambo.
This is why every euro counts! No sum is too small—any help greatly appreciated.
Reaching this goal will be a giant step though the concretization of our mission.
And it is only the beginning.
We are counting on you
From Europe thank you 10 times!
From Mahambo, surely much more!