guidlines - Residence Life and Student Housing


guidlines - Residence Life and Student Housing
2015 Summer Intern Arrival and Move-in Guidelines
The date is fast approaching for our first set of Interns to arrive in Albuquerque! Many of you
will be checking in on May 15th or on the 16th or 17th. Here are some simple guidelines that will
help you navigate your arrival and check in.
UNM Central Campus, home of UNM Housing, is located about 10 minutes from the
airport on Central Avenue between Girard Blvd. and University Blvd.
Find the gray puzzle-piece-looking buildings on the central campus map and that is us!
You can take a cab pretty inexpensively or catch a shuttle if it is running.
If you take a cab, tell them to bring you to the roundabout on Redondo Road or to the A
Lot by the tennis courts. Once there, find the Student Residence Center, building #89.
Our 24-hour desk is just inside.
Are you driving to Albuquerque? On Saturday and Sunday, you can park in the A lot just
south of the apartments (#88). It wraps around the tennis courts. If you are coming in
on Friday and want to park on campus, you will need to visit parking and Transportation
and get your parking permit first. Then you can safely park and unload your vehicle.
They may ask you to purchase a daily pass for the A lot for Friday. Be sure to ask them
where you are safe to park without being ticketed.
You will check in at the Student Residence Center (SRC) Commons front desk. The desk
is open 24/7 and can accommodate an early or a late check-in. Just call ahead first and
let them know. 505-277-2606
If you will be unable to check in within the 3 days following your official check-in day,
please let us know.
You will need a valid Drivers License or ID to check in.
You will need to fill out some paperwork, which could take a bit of time, so don’t park in
a red or yellow zone with your hazards on, find a valid parking spot.
Once you have completed the paperwork, you will be given a packet and the keys to
your room/apartment. Now you are ready to move in.
If you have any questions, you can try our front desk at the number listed above, or call
me, Rebecca Colón, at 505-277-2660. You can email me at [email protected]. I am often
away from my desk, so it may take time to respond to an email or message. If you need
immediate assistance and I am not answering, try the front desk at 505-277-2606.
Welcome Resident Lobos!