arrival guide


arrival guide
Miniconf NYC
Arrival Information
Miniconf NYC is hosted at University Settlement, Houston Street Center. It is readily accessible through a number of subways and parking is available throughout the area. Address: 273 Bowery Street New York, NY 11002 When arriving at the location, follow these steps to get to the conference. 1. Enter the building. 2. Take the down stairway. An elevator is also available. 3. Sign in at the first desk on the left. The desk is used for purposes in addition to Miniconf, so please say you are attending Miniconf. 4. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor. The elevator is just past the larger sign in desk on the right. 1
5. Follow the hallway. 6. The First classroom on the Right is the Hackathon room. Conference Opening, Lunch, and Conference Closing will also be held in this room. 7. The Last classroom on the Right is the Training room. 8. Restrooms are located opposite the classrooms. 3