How to be popular


How to be popular
RGIT Australia
April 2015 | Vol 05 | Issue 17
Fun Stuff
- Bena Reilly
How to be Popular
þ Always have beer and/or
chocolate to give out.
þ High Five everyone you see on
campus: in class, in the elevator, even
in the bathroom. The strange looks
mean they will remember you.
portable speakers and disco
þ Bring
lights to class. Other students will
a group of friends to
þ Enlist
perform a trumpet fanfare
before you enter any room.
up a toaster oven in
þ Set
the library. Make everyone
grilled cheese.
every computer
þ Change
background on campus
to a picture of you doing
the thumbs up.
appreciate the change of pace.
a puppy to class, the cuter
þ Bring
the better.
the elevator to every þ Offer other students a
þ Ride
floor. Strike a pose each
ride on your back to
time the doors open. Do
this several times a day.
an elaborate leaving party on the ground floor every
þ Throw
Friday. It’s okay to get emotional, because you won’t see your
classmates or teachers for two whole days.
their next class. Don’t
forget to make engine