Hyland Brochure - Hyland Equipment Company


Hyland Brochure - Hyland Equipment Company
Hylander Filtration Systems are designed to
recycle and dispose of commercial and
industrial wastewater, such as oily wastewater
generated by Vehicle and Equipment Washing,
Parts Washers, Dip Tanks, Machine Coolant,
Vibratory waste and other forms of industrial
process water.
Time to separate
the good from
the bad...
Our systems can reclaim up to 98% of the water
in the oily wastewater stream. In most cases the
water can be legally discharged or re-used in the
Hylander Filtration Systems have been
successfully used with the following forms of
industrial waste water.
Mop/Floor Washwater
Spent Metal Working Coolants
Phosphate Cleaner Baths
Aqueous Degreaser Baths
Compressor Condensate
Dye Penetrant Rinsewater
Wood Preservative Wastewater
Vehicle Washwater
Bulk Transport Cleaning Water
Tank Cleaning Washwater
Parts Washer Effluent
Vibratory Wastewater
Rolling & Drawing Compounds
Pressure Washer Wastewater
Bilge Water
5800 Post Roa d
E. Greenwich, RI 02818
P: 401-398-0100
www.hyla ndeq.com
We maintain a large inventory of parts so our
factory trained technicians can complete your
repair quickly. Smart business owners know the
value of maintaining their equipment and we
offer a variety of preventative maintenance
programs that can be tailored to meet your needs.
Preventative measures often cost very little, yet
help lengthen the life of your equipment
considerably. Our staff will conduct a thorough
inspection and cleaning of your machine on a
schedule that fits your needs. We will keep the oil
changed, filters cleaned, and the system operating
at its best. Call us to discuss a Preventative
Maintenance program to suit your needs.
Commercial & Industrial
Cleaning Equipment,
Detergents, Service & Repair
If you or your business needs an industrial
strength pressure washer, you?ve found the right
place! Hyland Equipment Company is the
factory-direct dealer for Hotsy and Hydro Tek
pressure washers. We cover RI, CT, MA & NY.
We are proud to offer the biggest names for
industrial cleaning equipment. Our selection is
unbeatable, and our service and knowledge
Hyland Equipment Company is a Service and
Sales center providing consulting and design
solutions for custom wash systems from truck
washing stations to wash water reclamation. We
will spec out your custom project, assist with site
analysis, permits, site designs, equipment ordering
and installation. You won?t find a better turnkey
solution anywhere! Give us a call and we?ll
schedule a free consultation. Our products range
from pressure washers, automatic parts washers,
mobile cleaning systems, parts, detergents, custom
waste water treatment systems & wash water
treatment to specialty products like dry ice blasters
and waste oil heaters and more.
But we offer much more than equipment sales.
Hyland Equipment Company is a full-service
warranty center for many of the top brands of
industrial cleaning equipment, including Hotsy
and Hydro Tek, as well as Cat, General, Giant,
Legacy and AR industrial pumps. Our customer
service is what sets us apart!
Hyland Equipment has provided equipment
solutions to professionals in a variety of
industries, including pressure washers, parts
washers and waste water filtration. Our customer
base is comprised mostly of the following
industries: Professional Contract Cleaners, Food
Processing, Industrial & Heavy Manufacturing,
Construction & Heavy Equipment, Trucking &
Transportation, Facilities Maintenance,
Agriculture, Municipal & Military, Breweries &

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