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We are a team of dedicated professionals with over 30 years of experience in medical care and
have been working closely with various hospitals. Our team comprises of qualified, well-trained
and experienced professionals specializing in the different areas of medical care; and who can
provide the best professional attention and personal care to the patients throughout their
Indian Hospice Care Services is designed keeping in mind the need for specialized medical care
and attention for patients post hospital discharge and while they are undergoing critical treatment
at home. Our wide array of comprehensive services range from basic nursing/nursing aide care
to operating a highly efficient home based intensive care.
Nursing/ Patient Care
Medical Care
Post Operative Care
Child & Mother Care
Patient Transfer
Diagnostics/ Investigations
Specialist Consultation
Medical Supplies
Diet requirements/ supplies
WHY Indian Hospice Care Services? – Our USP
Hrs Ambulance Support: Fully equipped Advanced and Basic Life Support Ambulances are available
anytime to transport the patient to the nearest healthcare facility. *
Hrs Pharmacy Support: We can arrange for speedy medicine delivery and diagnostic services. Further,
we can help patients avail medicines at discounted rates through our affiliated partners.*
Hrs Doctor Visit Available: We pay special attention in ensuring we have the best professionals with an
unrelenting passion to serve and uncompromising professionalism towards their responsibilities. A team of
experienced Doctors are available to visit the patient anytime during the day or night. *
Hrs Doctor on Call: Our Doctors are also available on call 24 hours a day to guide/ address any of the
queries that the patients or relatives have. The Doctors can spend time to listen and talk with patients and
families about their illness, treatment and the future in order to enable and empower them to make informed
Hrs Blood Sample Collections: We also provide home collection service. This service offers a great
convenience for those patients who have difficulty attending a collection clinic due to illness, are elderly or other
medical conditions. *
Hrs Equipments/ Device Support: We can provide medical equipments and life support systems to the
patients either for purchase or on rent. This includes various equipments like fowlers beds, water beds, air
beds, multipara monitors, pulse oximeters, suction machines etc*
Services: We undertake coordination with the patient’s doctors, their recommended physicians
and other service providers to fix appointments. We also follow-up with the patients to ensure they meet their
appointments and also accompany them. AC/ Regular Cabs, Ambulances can be arranged for patient
transportation as required. *
via Mails/ Phones: The patient information in our records is easily accessible to the patient or
relatives on a call or via e-mail any time during the day.*
Services: In cases where the relatives are living abroad and want to interact with their loved ones in
India, our team can facilitate this via our web services. We can facilitate patient to Chat Online or do a Video
Call with their relatives while being at home.*
from Doctor to the patient/ relatives: Our Doctors are available on call anytime in case the patient
or relative wants an update on the patient condition or with regard to diagnostic reports of the patient.*
Manager: Every patient associated with Indian Hospice Care Services is provided with a
Relationship Manager to ensure that they go through a well coordinated and smooth recovery process at their
home. Patient or relatives can touch base with their relationship managers between 10 am to 5 pm.
Pranik Healing/ Reiki: On request from the patient or the relative, we can arrange for different healing
practices to be administered at home with the help of our healing specialists. A regular practice of yoga can
bring very good results in various therapies and in treatments of certain health related problems like arthritis,
asthma etc.*
of Occupational/ Physical Therapies in accordance with the Doctor’s recommendation: We
can facilitate Occupational/ Physical Therapies at home under supervision of a specialist. Our team helps
patients improve their ability to do their daily activities through education and training.*
of the patient: Our specialized team can help a patient achieve the highest level of
independence and quality of life possible - physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually.*
as per Nutrition Requirement: We undertake responsibility to provide customized/calorie based meals
prepared as per instructions of the Doctors and Dieticians. It is important to ensure that the patients get calories
from the right sources. Foods vary in the amount of calories they contain. We provide balanced, calorie counted
meals. Each meal is sent to the patient with the number of calories and constituent nutrients.*
Services: Our service gamut also includes support activities such cleaning and laundry services for
bed linen to towels and blankets. These support services helps our care team and patient relatives to
concentrate on the important aspects of looking after your patients.*
Note: * Additional charges (as per the company tariffs) shall be applicable on availing these services.