Newsletter 7 May 2015 - The International School of Bogor


Newsletter 7 May 2015 - The International School of Bogor
We provide educational excellence in a supportive community environment, preparing our students to
thrive and succeed as responsible global citizens in a changing world.
The InterCultural School of Bogor
May 7, 2015
Jl Papandayan No. 7, Bogor, 16151
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Please remember that the Board has agreed to look at the awarding of ISB
scholarships. We have scholarships available for suitable students to
attend ISB. Should you know someone who is interested in pursuing such
an exciting opportunity please put them in touch with us. Receiving a
scholarship will result in a very significant reduction in the current fees so it
is well worth considering. We are particularly interested in receiving
applications from future middle school students but students from other
grades will definitely be considered. Please spread the word!
Principal’s Report
The School Board met this week to consider the
upcoming year’s school fees. There has been a
great deal of thought and discussion about this
matter in order to ensure that the school remains
on a firm financial footing. It is imperative that
the school maintains financial stability in order to
ensure that future generations of students benefit
from the hard work of the past.
Board Report
Key decisions from the meeting were:
 The Board considered various budget scenarios
based on percentage
tuition increases or
fluctuations in numbers.
 The Board agreed to a tuition fee increase of
7.5% for the next academic year. Capital and
stationery fees will remain the same.
 The Board agreed to adjust the current ELC3
rates for full-day students.
 Next year the ELC3 name will become Reception
1 and the current Reception class will be called
Reception 2.
A number of factors have affected the Board’s
decision. The Board has looked at inflation rates,
future financial predictions, confirmed numbers of
students and a variety of utilities costs and future
expenditure which have already had or will impact
the school. The Board also took into account that
last year the fees were not increased.
A draft logo was considered. There is still a need
This year the Board has decided to increase the for further revisions.
tuition portion of fees by 7.5%; lower than the
average inflation rate. This will allow the school to
balance the coming year’s budget. We will email
the new fee structure direct to you. We highly
recommend that parents consider paying early in
order to receive the various discounts available.
Table of Contents
Principle’s Report
Board Report
Nepal Earthquake Relief Toy Sale
Early Saturday morning many of us will be
travelling to AIS to watch a committed group of
swimmers participate in the annual JASIS
Swimming Carnival. We wish our students all the
best in the events and know that we will display
the elements of being good sports whether we
win, lose or draw. Any parents who have queries
on the day should direct those queries to either Mr
Tallis or Pak Firdaus.
Borneo Orangutan Society
Car Boot Sale
Used Car
School Environment
Upcoming Events Term 4
Catering Menu
Page 2
Nepal Earthquake Relief
Thank you for supporting the efforts of our
students to raise money for the Nepalese earthquake victims. Today, by selling used toys, we
raised over 3 million rupiah! The money raised will
be much appreciated. We will be sending the
money, when finalised, to an international school
in Kathmandu (see below).
Our students have planned one more fund raising
event for next Wednesday. It will be a Crazy Hair
Day where students bring along a small donation
to wear the most way out hair style.
Several parents have approached me about making
donations and wondering how we will get the
money to Nepal. Our school is part of EARCOS, the
East Asian Regional Council of Overseas Schools.
EARCOS has already pledged their donation and
will be sending it to one of our member international schools the Lincoln School in Kathmandu.
The Lincoln School will then ensure that the money is directed to food and shelter needs in needy
local communities. The school will be able to use
their own local networks to ensure the money is
distributed fairly. Through this they will absorb
any possible administration costs and ensure all
funds go to where they are needed most.
Should you wish to donate you can drop by the
office or do a transfer to the school BCA account.
When the fund raising period finishes next week
we will send the money raised by electronic
The InterCultural School of Bogor
Borneo Orangutan Society
The BOS group today gave
some very enlightening talks
to groups of students. It was
wonderful to hear the
thoughtful and concerned
questions that were being
BOS enjoyed the support we
were able to show them by
purchasing some of their merchandise and wanted
us to know that they have donation certificates or
t-shirts for sale at their office. Several students
wanted to purchase their t-shirts but did not have
sufficient funds.
Car Boot Sale
Don’t forget to contact us if you want to have a
car in the Car Boot Sale. The event coming up
on Saturday June 6 starts no later than 8:30.The
Car Boot Sale is designed for participants to sell
unwanted items from the back of your car in a
secure environment. This has been a very
successful event in the past. Please see us in the
office if you are interested in selling. The PTFA
will be selling drinks and ice cream as usual on
this day. Parents are kindly asked to please help
by taking turns to assist with the sale of the
The School Campout to be held at school is just
around the corner. I hope you are all getting your
camping gear ready for what promises to be a fun
parent-child event in a safe environment. We are
inviting dads, mums and their children to camp
out at the school overnight. Events will include
fun games and activities and will get underway in
the late afternoon and conclude sometime after
breakfast on Sunday morning. More details will be
out shortly when lists are finalised.
The InterCultural School of Bogor
Page 3
Used Car
One of our soon to be new parents is looking for
a second hand car. If you have or know of any
please contact the school office.
School Environment
Upcoming Events Term 4
Assembly ELC 3 - Rec
Friday May 8
Saturday May 9
JASIS Swimming
Thursday May
Ascension of Jesus Christ
Friday May 15
Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad
Friday May 22
Assembly Gr. 1 – 2
Open House
Friday May 29
Assembly ELC1- 2
Monday June 1
School Board AGM
Friday June 5
Assembly Gr. 3 - 5
PYP Exhibition Gr 6-8
Saturday June 6
Car Boot Sale
Friday June 12
Gr 6-8 Graduation Arts Showcase
Friday June 19
Last day term 4
Look at the fun our kids are having
on the rope swing
Monday, 11th May 2015—Ibu Yanti
Chicken popcorn, steamed rice,
sausages and vegetable soup, fruit
Tuesday, 12th May 2015 — Ibu Jackie
Baked Macaroni, steamed broccoli,
fruits, popcorn
Wednesday, 13th May 2015 — Ibu Rini
Grilled cheese sandwich, tomato
soup, sliced cucumber, fruits
Thursday, 14th May 2015—
Ascension of Jesus Christ
Friday, 15th May 2015—
Ascension of the Prophet