When an emergency happens and lives are at stake, dispatchers



When an emergency happens and lives are at stake, dispatchers
When an emergency happens and lives are at stake, dispatchers, responders and
commanders must be able to react quickly, accurately and efficiently.
STEE-InfoSoft’s CAD-lite is a flexible, easy-to-use and affordable
Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) product for small and medium size
public safety and security agencies. It provides Police, Fire and
Ambulance agencies the capabilities to make critical decisions and
communicate effectively. CAD-lite equips dispatchers and
responders with full dispatch functionality, facilitates quick and
accurate incident entry, and enables information sharing with
neighbouring agencies.
CAD-lite allows commanders to share critical information quickly
and make the right decisions. Agencies will be able to drive down
operating and maintenance costs, and benefit from enhanced
public safety and dispatch efficiency in a timely and cost-effective
Incorporated in 1986, STEE-InfoSoft has more than 25 years of experience in the design, implementation and
support of mission-critical C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence) systems. Using its
in-house developed CAP and dual-use technologies, STEE-InfoSoft delivers C4I systems to homeland security
agencies in Singapore and beyond. CAD-lite is a product of our experience in developing advanced and effective
solutions to the real-world challenges faced by modern public safety agencies today.
CAD-lite delivers:
Fast Response
Improve casualty survival and minimize damages and loss with
dispatching functionality incorporating real-time information, including
optimized route and resource recommendations based on specific
response plans or operation needs.
A dynamic and intuitive application,
CAD-lite is designed with a ServiceOriented Architecture. It utilizes its
common services platform to
compile and display precise data
specific to an agency’s workflow.
Its highly customizable user
interface offers quick access to
information via a true locationbased, GIS-data map. This GPSsided resource management tool
can help display and pinpoint
location and identity of mobile
units – enabling a more efficient
and coordinated response
support, CAD-lite recommends
resources based on the location
and nature of incidents. This is
essential since different equipment
and resources are required to
Enhanced Decision Making
Decision making under stress presents a tremendous variety of
challenges that can result in the neglect of operating procedures and the
making of substandard decisions. CAD-lite provides standard operating
procedures (SOP) and pre-determined attendance (PDA) functionalities
that enhance the speed and quality of decision making.
CAD-lite can be configured and customized to meet the needs of each
specific agency. Extensible interfaces can adapt to requests from other
agencies and departments.
Enhanced Operations and Safety
CAD-lite can provide location tracking and status of all relevant
personnel and resources. It is able to continuously deliver updated
information on availability of assets along with other vital information to
support your agency’s operations.
Better Multi-Agency Collaboration
Built on an open standards-based architecture, CAD-lite enables instant
and automatic dissemination of information to agencies when multiagency cooperation is required. Information can be dispatched via
various communication channels and acknowledged speedily, resulting
in reduced response times.

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